How to fix LG G8 Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth is a very important phone component we use it to connect our phones to various electronic devices that we use on a day to day basis. That is why all phone manufacturers include this feature on their devices. That being said, the LG G8 is fitted with one of the most powerful Bluetooth software. LG G8 phones operate on Bluetooth 5.0 which is currently the fastest and latest Bluetooth software available in the market. Even though LG G8 uses this software to make Bluetooth connections more efficient, some customers report having issues with their Bluetooth connections. Here are some tips you can use to solve Bluetooth issues on the LG G8.

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Turn OFF Power Saving Mode

When the power-saving mode is turned ON, it restricts most wireless connections on your phone. Bluetooth is a wireless connection so it is also affected when this happens. Power saving mode can automatically be turned ON when your battery percentage is below 10% so always check to ensure it is OFF. To avoid having problems with Bluetooth connections, ensure that power saving mode is disabled before giving Bluetooth connection a try.

Enter correct Bluetooth Pass-codes

As a security measure, Bluetooth is designed to request passcodes for first-time connections. If you are connecting your phone to a Bluetooth device for the first time, Bluetooth will generate a passcode depending on the device that is requesting a connection. To avoid having issues when forming a connection, always ensure that you enter the right code. This is the only way through which Bluetooth security will allow your device to connect with another device.

Forget Bluetooth Devices

If you are having problems connecting your LG G8 to a Bluetooth device that you earlier successfully paired with, you can try forgetting the paired device. To do this, toggle the notification bar and click on the Bluetooth icon and go to Bluetooth Settings. From there, you will see a list of all the devices your phone is paired to. Tap the one you are having connection issues with and click “Forget”.

Update Bluetooth Driver

The other thing that you can do to solve Bluetooth problems is to ensure you have the latest Bluetooth driver updates on the device you are trying to pair your phone with. Having outdated drivers will cause your Bluetooth software to have bugs that may limit connection to other devices.

Enable Bluetooth Visibility

You may also be having problems connecting your LG G8 to other Bluetooth devices simply because your phone is not discoverable by other devices. This can result when your Bluetooth visibility is disabled. To enable Bluetooth visibility, go to Settings > Bluetooth, turn ON Bluetooth switch, and then tap on Bluetooth settings to enable your device visibility. Turning on this Bluetooth feature will make it easy for other devices to find your phone and establish a connection.

Reboot your Device

If by any chance your LG G8 phone fails to establish a Bluetooth connection to another device after trying out all the tips listed above consider a reboot. You can start by rebooting your phone and then try connecting to the device once again. If your phone fails to connect after the reboot, try rebooting the device you are trying to connect to. If it is a Bluetooth speaker or a car stereo you can carry out a reboot by turning the device OFF and then back ON.

Reset network settings

This is another pretty simple thing that may fix Bluetooth issues. When it comes to this option, keep in mind that it will reset all network settings, not just Bluetooth. It will also reset the Wi-Fi and mobile data settings. However, it can put things in motion again, so make sure to try it out. Here is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Now tap System
  • Next, tap Restart & Reset
  • Choose Network Settings Reset
  • Tap Reset settings and tap again to confirm.