How to fix LG G8 Battery life problems

People use their phones for different purposes and that is the main reason why battery usage may differ from one person to another. Two people may buy the same phone model with the same battery capacity yet one will report having problems with the battery while the other person may not. Does this mean that the manufacturer did some miss calculation and built one battery to be less efficient? Certainly not. That has been the case with the new LG G8 smartphone. Since its release customers have given different reviews about its battery. If you’ve had problems with the LG G8 battery here are some tips that can help you in fixing the problem.

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Disable power Hungry Apps

The LG G8 is an awesome phone that like all the others has the capability of running many apps at the same time. With a 6GB RAM and an Octa-core microprocessor, it is capable of running a lot of apps in the background. Some of these apps may be power hungry ones that may be sucking up too much juice from your battery. The best way to stop this is by disabling the apps so that they only run when you launch them.

To disable the apps you will go to Settings > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Usage.

From there, you will be able to see the battery percentage that each app is using. If you find that an app is having a very high percentage, that one is certainly the culprit. You should take caution when disabling the apps. Only disable apps that you are sure about because you may end up disabling an app that supports your phone’s OS.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are some of the most important components of every smartphone. In fact, one of the most important functions of any smartphone today is the Wi-Fi. But, as much as these two components are important, they can turn out to be a great burden to your battery if not properly managed.

If constantly left ON, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will automatically search for nearby devices that they can connect with. This will cause your battery to drain very fast because as they search they are increasing the rate at which your battery loses charge.

Always check to see if these two functions are turned OFF because at times we use them and forget to turn them OFF.

Turn ON Battery Saver

Just as the name suggests, the battery saver will make your battery last longer by restricting some background functions. This can be helpful especially if your phone is about to turn off.

By switching to battery saver mode you will be giving the battery some extra time. To do this access Setting > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Saver.

Optimize Screen Brightness

Another thing you can do to make the battery last longer is to lower the level of screen brightness to about 30%-40%. This will lower the level of battery power used in lighting up your screen. You can also lower power usage by setting screen brightness to automatic.

Turn off GPS

Just like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS is also a wireless function that can cause your battery to lose charge very fast. To increase battery life always ensure that the GPS is turned OFF when not in use.

Switch from 4G to 23G

4G networks are known to consume a lot of energy from phone batteries compared to 3G networks. This is mainly because when your phone is on 4G mode, radio transmissions between your phone and the cellular networks take place very fast. This increases the rate at which your battery loses charge since all the radios in your phone need to be constantly kept awake by a consistent power source which is the battery.