How To Fix LG G4 Slow Charging Issue

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When buying a smartphone, you spend days searching for the one that will be perfect for you, and when you find one you expect that it will work like a charm all the time. We all do expect that but the reality is a bit different. There are tons of bugs and problems that every Android user can experience, from strange error messages to poor Wi-Fi connection and issues with the GPS signal. The list of glitches is really long. One of the things that is on the list of problems for some LG G4 users is the slow charging. This is quite frustrating considering the fact the phone sometimes needs up to three (and sometimes even more) hours to fully charge. In this article, we are going to share several tips so you can try to fix LG G4 slow charging issue. Keep in mind that the list of solutions is not so long, and if you don’t solve it, contact the store in which you purchased it or the carrier.


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How To Fix LG G4 Slow Charging Issue



Solution No.1: Don’t use your phone while it’s charging

The number one rule when it comes to smartphones and charging is not to use the device while it is connected to a power source. If you use the apps or play games, the smartphone will need a lot more time to fully charge. Just leave it for a while and let it charge.


Solution No.2: Check the charger and the cable

You need to make sure the wall charger and the cable are not faulty. If they are, it may be the reason why the device charges slowly.


Solution No.3: Change the charging method

If you charged your device using the wall charger, connect it to a computer and try charging it that way and vice versa. Sometimes this helps.


Solution No.4: Switch the charger

While it is always advisable to use the original charger, perhaps the one that came with your device is faulty, so what you should do is to try charging your smartphone using another Android charger.


Solution No.5: Let your phone cool off

If you have been using your device for a while, for instance, you played a game for an hour, you will notice that your device is getting hot. Let it cool off completely, and then connect it to the charger. Some users noticed that when the phone gets hot it takes a lot more time to charge.


Solution No.6: Remove the battery and the SD Card

The next thing you should try is to remove the battery and the SD card, and then to put them back in. This solved the problem for many people who faced slow charging issue, so give it a try, it may work for you as well.


Solution No.7: Software Update

It is very important to make sure that the software on your LG G4 is up to date. As you probably already know, an update can improve the performance of your smartphone, its battery life and stability, and it can fix some issues along the way. You can check for the update manually, just do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap About Phone
  • Tap Software Updates

If there is an update, choose to install it and then just follow the on-screen steps.



Image Source: YouTube / Demitri Bautista

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  1. I brought a new Lg arista2—Sept 2018–the same charging problem from the get go. I made several trips to the cell ph store and was told it was charging for them. They did change the battery on the new phone. I had to charge my cell on a friend’s charging station and it charged at 100% in less than 1.5 hr. A few days later when my phone was 9%, I tried another adaptor from an apple product I had—-It worked. I received the normal turn on & charging message, etc when I plugged in with the apple adaptor. The lg arista2 adaptor that is NOT working is the “travel” adaptor 5.0V output.

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