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How To Fix LG G3 Shuts Down By Itself

Does your LG G3 shut down by itself very often? Well, then you are not the only one, a lot of LG G3 users are experiencing this issue. Many LG G3 users have reported on the forum that their new smartphone has a habit of shutting down frequently. For some users, the phone comes back to normal when the Power button is pressed but some users need to remove the battery and reinsert it to get the phone to come back to normal.

Tp fix the LG G3 shuts down by itself issue, here we will discuss some steps. You can follow them in order to get rid of this problem. If you face any other problems with your LG G3, visit Technobezz where you will find solutions for almost all problems related to your smartphone.

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Potential Fixes For LG G3 Shuts Down By Itself Problem

Reinsert the battery

If your phone shut down on its own without any reason, first of all, try to start the phone by pressing and holding the Power button. Once the phone restarts, use it and check if the problem reoccurs. If your phone shuts down again without reason then pull out the battery of your G3 and re-insert it after 30 seconds. Once it is re-inserted, restart your device and check if the problem is solved. For some of our readers, reinserting the battery worked.


Disable location service

Many users have reported that they could successfully get rid of the frequent shutdown issue just by disabling the location services in their LG G3. So, you too can try this option. For that:

  • Head into the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Location
  • Turn off the switch next to Location

This will disable the location services on your device. Use your phone as usual and check if the issue comes up while the location services are disabled. If the problem is solved then keep location services disabled unless you actually need the service.


Update Your LG G3 Software

LG has acknowledged the problem of automatic shut down and it has released an update to solve the problem. Downloading the latest updates always ensure that current bugs and software issues are resolved. Make sure you always keep your phone updated to avoid software related problems. Follow these steps to update your LG G3 software:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your G3
  • Tap on About Device
  • Tap on Software Updates so that your device can check for new updates.

If it finds a new update then make sure you update your phone to the latest software.

Since some readers have found that the phone does not show the new updates, and if you face the same problem, then connect your device to a computer on which the LG G3 PC suite is installed and download the updates.


Remove SD card

Sometimes a faulty or corrupted SD card can give rise to such issues on your new LG G3. So, remove the SD card from your device and use your phone as usual to check if the problem lies in the SD card. If you are able to use your phone without any problems and the shutdown issue has gone away completely then your SD card was causing the issue. If you would like to use the same SD card on your phone then it is best to first move all data from the card to another device and format the card before using it in the device again.


Factory reset

In case you have tried all the above fixes but did not get any fruitful result, then the factory reset is the ultimate option to fix this LG G3 shuts down by itself problem. But before that, backup all the data on your phone as this process will delete everything. You can do a factory reset by following these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your phone
  • Tap on Backup & Reset
  • Tap on Factory Reset

Tap on OK to confirm your selection. Allow your phone to erase all information and go back to its original state.

If you find the previous method little difficult or having trouble to do it, then turn off your phone.

  • Press the Volume Down key and Power key and hold them until the LG G3 logo appears.
  • Once you see the logo, release the Power key and press it and hold again.
  • When the Factory Hard reset screen appears, leave the keys and use the Power key in order to select options and confirm.
  • After factory reset is completed, keep a watch if the problem is occurring again after installing any specific app.



If this issue is not happening due to any software issue, factory reset can’t help you out in this case. Sometimes a loose or defective battery can also be the reason of the LG G3 shuts down by itself issue, so just take out the battery and try using another LG G3 battery in the handset to see if the issue is resolved. If the phone works normally, then it is the battery-related issue. You need to replace the old one with a new battery. Since it may be difficult to identify for you if the battery is the problem, it is best to take it to a repair shop.

You can also contact your carrier or retailer if your phone is under warranty and ask for a replacement.

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  2. My LG G3 has been doing this for several months, I tried the battery reset and uninstalled apps I had recently installed but it still had the issue. I took it back to Factory Reset and still had the issue. Just tried the suggestion of turning off the location feature. It auto updated when I reactivated after the factory reset. We will see if this works. Just bought it in February, so it is only 6 months old.

  3. as most of the people in the comments already said, i tried everything and this phone is still turning on and off. maybe its not a good phone

  4. Hi. I also have all the above problems about my lg g3. I can’t rely to it because of it keeps shutting down specially if i take a picture with front camera. Now im loosing hope on it. I once bought a battery but it didn’t work on my lg. Where can i get battery for it.

  5. 2 had a first LG3 which experienced the problem soon after I updated to the newest update. Then I bought and replaced another motherboard from eBay, everything worked again for a few months. I, then, updated the phone to the newest update. Sure enough, the phone start reboot and shutdown randomly again. Now, it cannot keep WIFI connection nor stay on (without reboot) for a couple hours. I firmly the update IS the reason why and gave me no choice but to believe there’s a conspiracy the company is out to destroy older phones so promote its newer mobiles. No more LG for me until they update fixing this problem for my LG3. BTW, my LG2 is working fine without updating anymore “virus”.

  6. I also have the same problem, my LG-G3 shuts down by itself. Tried with the NEW BATTERY and CHARGING ON but it is automatically shutdown after start. Not able to go to settings etc. because before the MENU appears it shuts down.

  7. My LG G3 does this all the time. I only noticed it the second week after I bought it. I brushed it off the first time, but then it continued to do it. I absolutely love the phone and I didn’t want to send it bak (bought it off eBay, i don’t even know if I could’ve sent it back). Here are a few things that I noticed:
    -I have to remove thee battery and put it back on again or connect it to a charger in order for the phone to even start again
    -it never happens while charging
    -it usually happens when the battery drops below 60%
    -it usually happens when try to open apps (fb messenger, even calling someone normally)
    -it can happen when I try to call someone and the screen is still on, also it never happens when I speak on the phone and the screen is off, or when I do anything with the screen off, for that matter..
    -if I listen to headphones and it shuts down, a weird, interfering sound, like it’s trying to start up but can’t sound can be heard for 4-5 seconds
    -if I use the phone after a long time if inactivity and the battery is less than 65%, the upper part (with the buttons) gets warm really quick, this also causes the phone to shut down…

    i tried most things from above. Furthermore, I did not have any installed apps when it first happened. I am considering changing the battery. If this does not help, may rooting the phone actually help in any way?

    1. Mine usually shuts down when I have my sim card on. I’ve noticed that the phone often shuts down repeatedly if I have my sim card on but stops when I take off the sim card.

        1. I too have the same issue. The phone shuts down itself while making call or receiving calls. If no SIM then no shut down happens. A phone is made for calling purpose and this function does not work properly in LG G3.

  8. Tried everything.I even bought 2 new batteries. Factory reset not helping, software update neither. I have also consulted a technician…
    It is a shame , it was a good phone for a while.,.

  9. I had a same issue with my LG G3. After searching online solutions I did almost every possible thing but finally I get this issue solved with weird technique.
    step one take your battery out your phone.
    step two cut the thin cover of your battery the first layer with written something on it just throw it away.
    step three put your batter back in your mobile.

    I hope this will also work for you. Best of luck…!

  10. please help me,my lg g3 shuts down automatically but i tried to put it next to the fire for 5 minutes then i turned it on it turned on and no problem put now it does not turn on in any cold place(street) please help my
    what i do to it?

  11. My phone won’t turn on at all, so most of the called options are not possible for me to try out. I bought a new battery but it still won’t work. Sometimes when I reinsert the battery it will turn on but then it says ”services disabled” and it shuts down again, so I can’t really get in the phone. Somehow it won’t connect to the pc either.

    1. I think there is some problem with your phone battery. Can you try a different battery from other android phone if you have any and see if the problem is solved.

  12. I had this problem, tried a new battery, factory reset, blah blah blah and nothing worked. A ghetto fix is to buy an extended battery (I bought a 7500mAh one) And it works normal most of the time. Except when I try to open snapchat with my data on or anything battery restraining like that. But It lets me use the phone and I have a portable charger I can use if I want to take pictures or anything like that. Hope this helps anyone whos stuck!

  13. i turned my lg g3 off yesterday to save battery because it was 84% but when i turned it back on the next day it had this stupid virus that kept slowing dimming the screen and when i tried to touch my phone it was like it was frozen

  14. I tried and did all. Factory reset and even a new battery. With or without SD card and location on and off, does nor make any difference. My LG G3 shuts down on it’s own or when taking pictures. Battery has to be removed to start.

  15. Sometimes this problem occurs due to some third party apps or software. Factory reset brings back the phone to its original state as it was at the time of buying by removing all the third party apps and information stored on the phone. However, if you do not want to perform a factory reset, then you can contact a technician.

  16. Having the same issue of shut down, and it certainly has nothing to do with the factory reset. how come factory reset can be a solution :O

  17. This problem is presisting since so long and I don’t understand why there is been no software update…have lost faith in LG…plz looh into the matter urgently

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