How To Fix iPhone Is Disabled Error After Incorrect Password Entries

Security is the first thing that everyone should consider to ensure all their important data, information and files are not disclosed to anyone else. Nowadays, most of the Smartphone users keep on storing the important information on their phone and this is why they like to secure the phone using an odd password which really becomes difficult to remember sometimes. In case you are using an iPhone and if you cannot not remember the pass code by any means, what would be the situation then? Most of the people keep on providing the wrong password several times as a result the iPhone shows a disabled error eventually.

In case you have activated the ‘Erase data’ feature on your iPhone, it will delete all the data after eleven failed attempts. So, do not enter the wrong pass code more than nine times. However, if you are still not able to remember the password, follow the below methods to get rid of the iPhone disabled error. The situation is really annoying when you are locked out of iPhone and can’t have access to anything.

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Methods to fix iPhone disabled error


Method 1: If your device is synced with iTunes

To perform the first method, you need to make sure that your iPhone is synced with iTunes. If you have done this before, follow the step by step process to have access to the disabled iPhone.

  • First, connect the iPhone to PC or MAC, and open the iTunes. A button will be displayed on the left and click on it to open the iPhone.
iPhone disabled

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  • A backup feature will be shown to back up the data on the iPhone. Just click on ‘back up now’ and a backup will be created.
  • The next step is to restore the backup. This step might sound little odd, but this is the solution when you are locked out of iPhone.
  • Those who have activated ‘Find My iPhone’ feature might face an error at this step. So what you are required to do is to just disable this option from the computer to remove disabled iPhone
  • Once this step is performed, click on ‘restore backup’.
  • All the backup options will be displayed here. Choose the recent one and you will be all set to use the iPhone now.


Method 2: If your device is not synced with iTunes

There might be many iPhone users who have not synced their iPhone with the PC’s iTunes and facing the disabled iPhone issue. But do not panic as there is a solution for this also. So, if your query is how to unlock disabled iPhone, follow the below steps.

  • When the device is not synced with iTunes, it will ask for the password to connect with iTunes. What you need to do is to disconnect the iPhone from PC and turn it off. To turn off the device long press on the Sleep/wake button until the red slider is visible. Next, move the slider and the iPhone will turn off.
iPhone disabled

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  • In the next step, press and hold the home button to turn on the iPhone while you need to connect the device with a PC.
  • Do not leave the home button until you see the screen ‘connect to iTunes’ on the iPhone.
  • iTunes will display an alert that it has successfully detected a device in the recovery mode . Just click on ‘OK’, and then press the button ‘restore’ to restore your iPhone.

So, this is how to unlock disabled iPhone when the device is not synced with iTunes.


Method 3: Use iCloud Backup

There is one more way to get rid of the issue when your iPhone is disabled. In this method, the iPhone users can make use of iCloud Backup in order to restore the device. But it will require you to erase the data from iPhone first, using the Remote wipe feature found in ‘Find My iPhone’. Once this step is performed, the rest of the things are simple and easy enough to solve the iPhone is disabled issue.

So, all the possible ways are discussed here, you can follow any of the above processes and get rid of the iPhone disabled error.


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