How To Fix iPhone 6 Screen Won’t Turn On Problem

The iPhone 6 has been creating a lot of buzz ever since it was launched by apple. The phone has a great hardware combination and also has stunning looks. Apart from the looks and the hardware there are some other things as well that the people all around the world have been talking about. This is the issues that keep coming up with the iPhone 6. One of the problems is the iPhone 6 screen won’t turn on. In this problem the screen does not turn on at all and the user just gets the black screen as if the phone is switched off.

So what can be done when you face such an issue? In this article we are going to give you a detailed solution to the iPhone 6 screen won’t turn on problem.

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Possible solutions for iPhone 6 screen won’t turn on problem

Check if the phone has enough charge

iPhone 6 Screen Won't Turn On Problem

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The first thing that you should do when you face the iPhone 6 screen won’t turn on problem is to check if the phone is enough charged so that it can turn on. So connect your phone to a power source and leave it for at least 15-20 minutes. Now after you have charged the phone for 15-20 minutes try to turn on the device normally to check if it is able to get started now. If it does then it was just a normal battery issue but if it doesn’t then just go forward with our guide.

Connect your iPhone 6 with your computer

iPhone 6 screen won't turn on problem

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If the above method has not been able to turn on the screen of your iPhone 6 then you need to try using your computer to fix the screen won’t turn on problem on iPhone 6.

> In this process you would have to connect the iPhone 6 to your computer using a USB cable.

> After this you would have to open the iTunes application on your computer.

> There is a good chance that the iTunes application would detect your phone automatically.

> If it does then you need to restore your phone. You can either do a factory restore or restore it to some previous date when the iPhone was running perfectly fine using a stored backup. After this your iPhone 6 would start running like normal again.

Now if the iTunes application has detected your iPhone 6 then it’s fine but what if it does not detect your iPhone?

If the iTunes application doesn’t detect the phone then you would have to force the iPhone 6 into recovery mode and then perform the factory restore.

> For doing the above mentioned process just press and hold the Home button while you are connecting the USB cable into the phone. Just hold it down until you see the Connect to iTunes screen on the phone. Once you see the screen you can just let go off the Home button.

> If you do not succeed to reach to the Connect to iTunes screen in the first attempt then you would have to keep trying it for 3-4 times until you finally get the connect to iTunes screen.

> After the screen has been shown on the phone you will be prompted a message that iTunes has detected the phone in Recovery Mode and then you can use the iTunes to just restore your device.

Also note that when you are restoring in the recovery mode then all the files on your device would be deleted so you should make a backup if you have some important files on the phone that you would not want to lose. You can back up your phone using iTunes and after doing that just restart the device.

If even after doing all the steps described above you are not able to solve the iPhone 6 screen won’t turn on problem then you should better take some professional technical help. So taking the iPhone 6 to the authorized Apple store is recommended. They would be able to help you in a better manner.


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