How To Fix iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape Issue

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are undoubtedly great pieces of tech to own. These are beautifully designed, slim, full of exciting features and have big and bright displays. Even though these are the most advanced phones available in the market but still are not completely out of bugs and flaws.

One such issue that many of the users have reported is the iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape issue. In this iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape issue the phone gets stuck in the landscape mode every time the users switch the phone to landscape mode. Also sometimes it happens that there are some other graphics in the phone that get super imposed on the keyboard because of the issue and this makes it difficult to type conveniently.

It also happens sometimes that many of the keys don’t even respond. This problem mainly occurs in the iMessaging application and while typing SMS through the native keyboard. Some people also reported that when they are having this issue then while typing a part of the text field on the right side of the screen becomes blank and cuts the text that the user is typing.

Other than this problem, many iPhone 6 users have been complaining about iPhone 6 random restart issue, touch ID not working issue and more. If you also face these issues, visit Technobezz, all solutions are discussed there.

In this guide we are going to tell you how to fix this iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape problem. There can be a number of potential workarounds for this problem. Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

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Ways to fix iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape problem

Solution 1: Hard rebooting the phone

It happens a lot of time that some of the bugs are fixed by just turning off the device and turning it on after a few minutes. To do this just press the power button and the home screen button of the iPhone 6 to turn off the device. Now turn on the device in the same way as you have turned it off.

iPhone6 Keyboard Landscape Issue

Solution 2: Turn off the Raise to listen feature

The Raise to listen feature of the iPhone 6 is a feature that enables the user to listen to the incoming messages and also reply to them by just raising the device to the ear. When the iPhone 6 is used in the landscape mode it might be the case that the audio messages are being prompted and that’s why creating this issue. So it’s better to avoid it as it is easily possible.

To turn it off just go to the Settings. Then scroll down and tap on Messages. After this, just turn off Raise to Listen.

Solution 3: Turning on Zoom

Now this is not exactly a solution but something that will let you use the keyboard more conveniently and might even be able to solve the bug in some cases as it will magnify the whole screen.

To do this, go to Settings and then tap on General. After this tap on Accessibility and just turn on Zoom.

iPhone6 Keyboard Landscape Issue

Solution 4: Turning on the Button Shapes

It has been reported by many users who faced this issue that turning on the Button Shapes has somehow resolved this bug. Even if it didn’t then too it was able to let the user type more conveniently through the native keyboard.

To do this, just go to settings and then tap on general. After this, move to ‘Accessibility’ and then just turn on the Button Shapes.

If nothing of the above steps works then you can try resetting the device. This might work because the problem is supposedly caused by using a backup that you might have stored of some previous iPhone and then restored it on your iPhone 6. Note that resetting the device is not going to delete any data from the phone but will just reset rest of the settings like preferences, Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

For doing this just go to Settings and then tap on General. After this scroll down and tap on the Reset option. Here just select the Reset All Settings and then confirm when prompted.

If this is also not able to fix the issue then the last resort might be to restore the phone to its original factory settings. This is because you might have updated the phone and that update might be causing the problem. Before doing this just take a backup of all your important data because this will delete everything from the device. You can do this using iTunes and then can also restore the data back easily.

Now if nothing has been able to fix this iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape issue then just wait for apple to fix it in their next update.

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