How To Fix iPhone 5s Home Button Not Working

The iPhone 5s is a device which has number of awesome features and is loaded with a really powerful set of hardware. But to use the phone one button that comes into a lot of use is the Home button. Now when you have to use this Home button for majority of your usage then you can easily imagine how much irritating this can be when this button starts giving problems.

But you need not to worry about it because we have brought the solution to this iPhone 5s Home button not working issue for you.

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Steps to fix iPhone 5s Home button not working

Calibration you iPhone 5s

The first method that we are suggesting to fix iPhone 5s Home button not working issue is to calibrate the iPhone and see if that can help you get rid of the problem. If you are wondering what it exactly means to calibrate the iPhone then stay relaxed as this is not a very difficult procedure and takes just a few minutes.

So what you need to do is to open any of the iPhone native apps in your iPhone 5s. After the app has been opened just press and hold the sleep button till the screen doesn’t show the slider that is used to turn off the device. After this you have to press and hold the Home button so that you come to the Home screen again. If this procedure was completed without any issues then you are done calibrating your iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s Home button not working

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Clean your Home button

There is also a possibility that your iPhone 5s Home button is giving problems because it has got dust accumulated around it and it is causing interference in the working of the phone. So you would have to clean it. For cleaning the iPhone 5 you would have to use the isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Just put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on the home button and use the cotton swab to clean the button. Don’t forget to turn your device off when you are cleaning it.

Twist and turn the Home button

Another method which has worked for some people involves just twisting the Home button using your fingernails. You can just hold the button from the edges using your fingernails and then just gently try to rotate it clockwise. It won’t rotate actually but you just have to do this. You have to do this with very gentle hand and without putting much force.

Change the Home button

If none of the solutions have worked for you then it is high possible that your Home button is damaged. In this case you would have to get it changed. You can either go for replacing the button yourself by using some Do It Yourself guide or you can take your phone to the Apple store for getting it repaired by the Apple technicians.

These were the possible solutions for the iPhone 5s Home button not working. We hope that it has proven helpful.