How To Fix iOS 8 Unicode Message Crash Bug

iPhones are one of the most perfect tech pieces available out there but still there can be some minor bugs that can ruin their perfection and can annoy the users of the iPhones. One of these bugs that have irritated quite a few users recently is the iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug. Let’s have a look at what this bug exactly is.

What is iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug?

It is a bug with text rendering and this makes some specifically arranged characters in text messages to crash the messaging app in the iPhone and also in iPad. After this it makes the phone restart. After the iPhone or iPad restarts, the Message app becomes unusable and the app crashes immediately as soon as you try to launch it. Now you might end up thinking that this is some common problem in the phone itself. But actually it is not, it’s a bug that is causing problems for users all around the world.

We are not going to tell here what those characters are because this might give some people a chance to play mischievous and they can use it to prank someone. The message that will be sent on your device causing the problem won’t be visible to you as the Message app will crash immediately. Now the following fix for iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug is able to recover from this app and is also able to prevent the bug to affect your iPhone, iPad, etc. If you are being affected from this bug then just use the following fix and the problem will be solved.

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iOS 8 Unicode Message Crash Bug

This problem is not a small issue and is a pretty serious one as this completely restricts you from using the Message app. And whenever you try to launch it, it will crash immediately. So if you are being affected from this bug then this is the post that can come as a saviour for you. We are going to tell you how to make your messages app working again by a small trick. But keep a note that this is not some permanent fix for the problem but just a workaround that will fix iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug and would let your messages app accessible again.

Also note that this fix has worked for almost all of the users being affected by this bug but still it may or may not work for you. If it doesn’t work then just wait for Apple to fix it permanently in their next update.

The process uses Siri to fix iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug.

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Steps to fix iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug

  • First of all ask Siri to read unread messages.
  • Once you do that, use Siri to reply as well to the malicious message.
  • After you have done the above steps, you will be able to open the Message app again.
  • Now after you are able to open the Message app again you would have to delete the entire thread or just the malicious messages that were causing the problem. In Message app just swipe left to delete this entire thread or you can tap and hold on the malicious messages and then tap on more to delete the malicious message from the thread.
  • Also you can just hold down the Home button and when Siri opens just use it to send yourself a message with whatever text inside its body. This is required to clear the Message app from that malicious message and then access the Message app to delete the offending message and fix iOS 8 Unicode Message crash bug. iOS 8 Unicode Message Crash Bug

Apple has also taken a note of the problem and has launched a temporary fix which is almost similar to what we have prescribed above. They have also ensured the users that a permanent fix would be given soon which will come with the launch of iOS 8.4. This is supposed to have the fix for the issue and will be launched before the Apple Music’s launch on June 30. But till that time the affected users can just use the fix prescribed above.