How to Fix Huawei P30 Overheating Issues

Playing games for an hour or more, or watching the videos could overheat any phone, Huawei P30 included. When people encounter this kind of issue, they usually think that something is wrong with the phone. In most cases, it is not the phone and its hardware – it is how we use a device. Sometimes, one of the apps can cause problems as well. So, if you are wondering how to fix Huawei P30 overheating issues, try the solutions listed below.

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Fixing Huawei P30 Overheating Issues

While testing this issue, we aligned 7 steps that could help in resolving this problem. Every app and external conditions have a different impact on the phone, and possibly the first 3 should be enough to fix it. Without further ado, let’s see the solutions.

Let the phone take some rest

Overheating is not something that could be characterized as a problem. Instead, it happens in the response to an issue either caused by an app or a system failure. Well, when the device starts catching heat, it would shut down at a point automatically to prevent harm to the hardware of the device. To point out – it would be better that you shut down the phone yourself rather than letting the heat reach the automatic shutdown point. Once you have shut it down, leave it for half an hour and then try running it. This should resolve the problem if that came in in response to a software or app issue.

A reboot can also do the job

Halting the device processing forcefully can also do the job. Restart the device the normal way you do. And if that does not happen, hold the power/ lock key for around 15 seconds and it would reboot. After restarting, everything should go back to normal and the overheating issue should stop.

Clear the cache

If the restarting had no impact on overheating, then clear the cache. The caches are very important in the computing devices and serve as the clipboard for the memory. At times, they catch bugs causing an error and disturbing the whole system. This could also happen because of a bad app that sent corrupted information to the cache causing it to trouble. Well, turn off your device and hold the volume keys and the power/ lock key together for around 10 seconds. The device will start normally but would enter the Emotion User Interface (EMUI) menu, where you will see recovery and wipe cache options. Scroll down to the Wipe Cache option with the volume down key and press the power/ lock key to select it. This should roll the performance back to normal.

Keep the software and the apps updated

After going through all the above-mentioned system troubleshooters, the problem still exists, then go for the updates. The older scripts in the apps and the outdated system modules can also cause trouble. Update them regularly and make sure that none of the unnecessary apps remains in the device. And whenever an app or the system is updated, do restart the device so that the updates could take action accordingly.

Remove the third-party apps

Do you have any third-party app, one of those not featured on Play Store or available through Huawei App Gallery? Then they surely could be a root cause for all this trouble. Before you remove them, run a troubleshooter. Check your Wi-Fi and compare it with any other device, if your device is lacking internet stability or speed, then there is definitely a problem. Restart the device and hold the volume down key when it reaches the startup logo. It will enter the safe mode. Compare the Wi-Fi performance once again and if it works fine, then you would have to remove the third-party apps, as they are causing trouble, blocking Wi-Fi connectivity, resulting in component overheating.

Bring the device back to factory mode

Well, there are a couple of methods to do that: first from the settings menu and option reset.  The other method is the hard reset, which is performed by shutting down the phone and restarting it using the volume and power/lock keys pressed together. Hard reset is only recommended if there is a groove issue in the device. If you are going for the options one (settings menu), make sure to back up your files first as the factory reset wipes everything off. On the plus side, it will give your device a fresh start.

Huawei Service Center – the last resort

If even factory reset does not work, then there is surely a hardware issue in the device. Instantly reach out to the Huawei Service Center and ask to troubleshoot the overheating issue. But do not forget to tell that them you have already tried the suggestion we provided here.