How to fix Huawei P30 battery life issues

The battery life of your phone is among the things you considered when you went for the Huawei P30. Our guess is you chose this flagship phone because it has a battery that has a large capacity. With a capacity of 3550mAh, this battery can last a whole day with a single charge and can perform many functions without it losing its juice fast. There have been a few cases where some Huawei P30 batteries have failed to last as long as they should. Below are tips on how to can fix P30 battery life issues.

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How to fix Huawei P30 battery life issues

Set Screen Brightness to Automatic

The light produced by your screen consumes a lot of energy from your Huawei P30 battery. It takes a lot of juice to light up a 6.1-inch screen which has been fitted with both OLED and FHD screen technology. Setting the screen brightness to automatic can help you save on energy and as a result, your battery life will be prolonged. Screen brightness settings can be accessed at Settings > Display, tap the switch next to “Automatic” to turn on the function.

Turn off Wireless Functions

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are among the common wireless functions that could be secretly using up your battery. These functions are designed to automatically search for other wireless devices that may be available and this may be costly to your battery. This is because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections depend on radio transmissions which put your battery under a lot of stress.

Leaving these connections ON all the time can reduce battery life. To disable Wi-Fi go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi, tap switch to turn Off Wi-Fi. For Bluetooth connections go to Settings > Device connectivity > Bluetooth, tap the switch to disable Bluetooth function.

Disable Auto synchronization

When apps are set to automatically synchronize data they end up consuming too much energy from your battery. This is because auto synchronization gives apps permission to run on the background without you launching them. If multiple apps synchronize data at the same time your battery is likely to discharge very fast. Disable this function to ensure that apps only synchronize data when you manually launch them. This function can be disabled on your Huawei P30 by going to Settings > Users & accounts, tap the Menu icon. Tap “Auto-sync data” to turn auto synchronization off.

Enable Power Saving

Huawei P30 has an inbuilt power saving function that can help improve battery life. When enabled Power saving mode limits some off the background operations that may be secretly using up your battery. This may include temporarily disabling background applications or wireless functions such as GPS. With this, apps can only run when you launch them manually and therefore no app will be stealing energy from your battery.

Update your Apps

Apps that are out of date are known to use up a lot of energy. This is why updates are always made to ensure that the apps perform efficiently while consuming very little energy. To improve battery life, ensure that your device has the latest apps. You can check for updates on the Google Play Store.

Restart your Phone

Restarting your phone can be used as a solution as it is effective for all kinds of issues you may experience. When you restart your phone, all the applications will temporarily stop functioning including the power-hungry apps. After using your phone for a while, some apps may be secretly running in the background and maybe secretly using up some of your battery energy. You can fix this by restarting your phone from time to time.

This will help you save up on some of the energy that background apps may be used without you knowing. To restart Huawei P30 long press the Power button for a few seconds (from 10 seconds-15 seconds). The phone will restart after which you will see the Huawei logo.