How to Fix Huawei P20 Pro Battery Life Issues

The Huawei P20 Pro is an impressive smartphone with a host of features, and if you are not planning to walk behind the crowd when using the latest gadgets, you must have surely got hold of this new device. It is not just a phone that you carry, but for many people, it is more of a style statement. Being trendy is the way to go whether you are working or studying. The finish of the phone is outstanding especially the metal that surrounds the glass back. With remarkable tightness and a good grip, it offers you everything you want to get from this new kid on the block.

The dependence on the smartphones has gone up to such an extent that minor issues do not deter them from using the most technologically upgraded device. However, a lot of issues have started coming in recently about the battery life of Huawei P20 Pro. The problems seem to roll on suddenly, so you might as well follow the quick fixes that are available to prevent the charge from draining in this device. The solutions can be applied easily is you want to get rid of the trouble emerging in the battery.

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How to fix Huawei P20 Pro battery life issues

Problem: Battery draining quickly

Some people have already purchased this model, and many of them have already started complaining about the fast disappearing charge of this smartphone. If you face this problem more often than you should, it can cause a lot of inconveniences. To figure out the right solution, you have to narrow down the battery problems at first. Is the phone losing charge quickly and heating up frequently? Following the trail of issues that occur can help you identify the right solutions. With a voluminous battery of 4000 mAh, the charge in the mobile should last for a couple of days. Depending on the apps and the features you access on the smartphone, the battery can drain quickly.

Method 1: Freeing the phone

  1. If you have loaded the phone with plenty of apps and do not use them, you have to free up the phone and make it lighter.
  2. When you uninstall the apps you do not need, the processor has to work less, and you save more charge or prevent draining the charge readily.
  3. You might click a lot of pictures using the camera of this smartphone but never get enough time to pick the best pictures from the lot, and delete those you do not need. If you want to expedite the speed of the processor and want the phone to consume less battery, you have to get rid of those unwanted pictures.
  4. If you are using the phone regularly, be sure to switch it off whenever it is not in use.
  5. Try to turn off all those features that are not in use even when you are handling the phone.

Huawei P20 Pro uninstall app

Method 2: Precautions to buy power bank and overcharging

  1. Many people use a power bank today but buying one without matching the specifications of the device can harm it.
  2. Charging the devices several times every day can reduce the battery life.

Method 3: Using a third-party battery saver app

To reduce battery drain on the device, using the third-party apps can help.

  1. You can choose from some of the recognized battery-saving apps and download them from the Play Store.
  2. This third-party app can identify all those apps that are not in use or put them in the sleep mode thereby helping you to save the charge.
  3. When very few apps run in the background, you will find an improvement in the performance of the battery.

Method 4: Avoid installing heavy games

With the newest varieties of games launching daily, people love to play games on the smartphone. However, you have to stay alert about the games you play.

  1. It is not bad to install games on the phone but try to avoid overloading the device with games that are heavy.
  2. When you install new games, you must uninstall those games you do not play any longer.
  3. Games consume a lot of space on your mobile so the more you play, the faster the battery drains.
  4. The games utilize resources present on your phone such as sensors and data connection. Try to avoid downloading the heavy games as it can take a toll on the battery.

Method 5: Reducing the brightness of the screen

The mortal enemy of the battery is the brightness on the screen of the device.

  1. Just remember that the display consumes more battery than anything else.
  2. If the auto brightness feature adjusts the brightness of the screen to suit the ambient level of light, you can save the charge.
  3. Try to reduce the brightness of the screen as much as you can to extend the battery life. You will get better results if you turn off the screen brightness to the lowest level unless you need it.

Huawei P20 Pro adjust Brightness

Method 6: Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You might love using the Bluetooth for connecting the external devices or use the Wi-Fi connection most of the time whether you are at home or in the office. However, both of them are identified as battery drainers, but all you need to do is to minimize the use so that you can hold on to the charge.

  1. No matter if it is the activity tracker, the wireless speaker or the extra radio to which you listen; using the Bluetooth frequently can consume a lot of battery.
  2. Try to turn the Bluetooth feature off when you are not in the car or listening to music wirelessly. You can surely add a couple of hours more to your battery life when you reduce the use of Bluetooth.
  3. If you have good connectivity with 3G, 4G, or the other data services, there is no point in using the Wi-Fi option as it eats the charge unnecessarily.
  4. You might leave the Wi-Fi radio ON even when you are not using the network. Try to turn off the network when you can access the other data services, and switch it back only when you return to the limit of the Wi-Fi data network.

Huawei P20 Pro Turn off wi-fi

Method 7: Reducing the screen timeout

Do you want your screen to stay lit even after you have stopped using it? Reducing the screen timeout can help save significant charge on the phone.

  1. Move on to the Display Settings menu to locate an option called Screen Timeout.
  2. When every second matter, you have to reduce the timeout to the lowest limit to help the device save charge.
  3. The range is from fifteen seconds to two minutes. Ideally, it should not cross thirty seconds.

Method 8: Changing the settings on the device

Changing the phone settings can help you prevent the battery from draining faster.

  1. Turning off the location service can help you save a lot of charge on the mobile.
  2. You can change the GPS settings as well to save the charge.
  3. Visit the Settings and then to the Location and Mode to find the options. The high accuracy option uses the GPS, Wi-Fi, and the mobile network. Try to change the settings to the Battery Saving mode to save the battery.

Huawei P20 Pro Turn off GPS

Method 9: Do not run apps in the background

The ability of a smartphone to use multiple apps at the same time is a powerful feature. However, every app shares the processor cycles of the phone.

  1. You have to uninstall a few apps to prolong the battery life and cut down on the consumption of power.
  2. Choose the multitasking option in your device and swipe the apps to close them.
  3. Checking the battery monitor reveals the power usage of the apps. You can get rid of those apps that consume a lot of power, or quit them when not in use.

Method 10: Reducing the use of vibrating option

You prefer using the vibrating option rather than using the ringtone. However, using the phone in the vibrating mode uses more power. While the ringtone uses a tiny membrane to produce the sound, the vibrator uses minimum weight to shake the phone.

  1. If you are not keen to put the phone in the ringtone mode, you can leave the device in view so that you can see the calls coming instead of using the vibration mode and draining the battery unnecessarily.

Huawei P20 Pro Turn off vibration Mode

Method 11: Turning off the superfluous notifications

It seems that every app uses information, messages, updates, and news and the moment it finds something, the screen of your device lights up, or the LED blinks, and messages are displayed on the phone. You may not want these notifications, but do not want to miss the text messages or the missed calls. These notifications consume battery. Turn off all those notifications you do not need, to enhance the battery life.

Making it work

To make the battery last longer, you have to use the phone responsibly and try to get rid of all those things that create maximum impact on it. Do not leave the phone in the sleep mode all the time but try to reboot it for extending the battery life. If nothing else works, you can take your device to the store for replacing the battery.