How to fix Honor 20 View Bluetooth Issues

Smartphones make our lives a lot easier and simpler. They bring fun and enjoyment, but things are not always so shiny. At some point, you may experience a bug or a problem with your phone, and one of the most common ones is the issue with Bluetooth. Some Honor 20 View users reported they can’t connect their phone with a Bluetooth device, others stated they managed to pair the two, but the connection drops after a while. Here, we are going to list a few solutions and show you how to fix Honor 20 View Bluetooth issues.

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How to fix Honor 20 View Bluetooth Issues

Toggle Bluetooth

Whenever you experience an issue with Bluetooth, start with the basics. What you need to do here, is to pull down the notification bar, or go to Settings and find Bluetooth. Turn the feature off and leave it like that for a minute. Turn it on again.

Restart your phone

The next thing you should try is a restart. Just turn the phone off, and turn it back on. It will help you out by clearing out some minor bugs, and it will also boost the performance. As phones need a bit of refreshment from time to time, perhaps this will put things in motion and Bluetooth will start working normally again.

Restart your Bluetooth device

Same as phones need a refreshment, other devices need it too. Once you restart your phone, do the same with your Bluetooth device. When you do that, try pairing them up.

Software update

Before moving to other solutions, make sure the software on your phone is up to date. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open Settings on your device
  • Scroll down and tap System
  • Now select Software update
  • Tap Check for updates

If there is a new version available, follow the on-screen steps to download and install it.

Forget previously paired devices

Here is another thing. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure the feature is on. You will see the list of previously paired devices. Click on each and tap Unpair. When done, restart your phone again. Once the phone turns on, try pairing your phone with your Bluetooth device all over again.

Reset network settings

This option will restore the network settings to factory defaults. It will reset mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This means you will have to adjust the settings according to your needs and desires all over again, will have to connect to Wi-Fi networks, and pair your phone with Bluetooth devices from scratch. Here is how to reset network settings:

  • From the Home screen go to Settings
  • Tap System & updates
  • Tap Reset
  • Next, tap Reset network settings
  • Tap Reset network settings once again to confirm.

Factory reset

Nothing works? Perhaps it’s time for a factory reset. When it comes to this step, you need to be careful about your data. You need to create a backup first. A factory reset means that your data will be deleted, including the apps, files, photos, music, videos, etc. Also, it means the settings will be restored to factory defaults. Create a backup first. When you are done, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings from the Home screen
  • Tap System & updates
  • Tap Reset
  • Now tap Reset phone
  • Again, tap Reset phone to confirm.


When the resetting is done, the phone will restart. You will have to set it up as a new device.