How to fix HBO Now streaming issues

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There’s no argument that HBO tops the list of streaming platforms for all users. The service offers a flawless viewing experience with some of the top shows ever made and boasts a very loyal and expansive customer base.

Like any other modern system or service, this particular video streamer is not immune to technical issues, which can be frustrating, especially when it chooses to happen amid a favorite show or program. Supporting services, networks, and applications can make the service tedious. Here are a few things that can help fix HBO streaming issues.

Check the Connection

Most of the challenges with streaming services are usually connectivity oriented. This can be anything from a poor connection to too much traffic on the network. Another clear indicator of this type of problem is a persistent buffering state which hints that the connectivity is compromised.

  • Try opening another website on a different tab in case the issue is only on HBO.
  • Set the router closer to the device to reduce range and check the security of all wired connections.

Device Restart

This is pretty much effective for most of the simpler challenges.

  • Do a proper device switch off and disconnect it from its power source.
  • After a minute or so, connect it once again and attempt to load the NOW services.
  • The same must be done for the network connection. Switch it off entirely and wait for a minute before re-enabling it and connecting to it again.

Installation Fixes

Some of the issues originate from bugs and other glitches created during installation due to network interruptions, malware, or malfunctioning devices. This will make the whole app completely problematic so if all the above fixes don’t seem to work, then try the following:

  • Delete the app. Each device is unique when it comes to this, but it’s usually a pretty simple process.
  • To make this move more effective, clear all application data from the device cache to prevent any backup attempts.
  • Once done, switch off your device and back on to clear up its RAM storage.
  • Go to the appropriate application store and download the latest version of the application that is compatible with the device being used.
  • Log back onto the service and try to stream again.

Application Update

All application releases are usually periodically updated to fix issues experienced in the earlier versions. An app update can, therefore, fix many performance issues. Go to the appropriate app store, like Google Play and search for the HBO NOW app; if there’s a newer version, there will be an update option that can conveniently self-update the app with just a click.

  • Alternatively, download the latest application from other trusted sources and install it to update the current version.
  • Delete the existing application and install the latest version on devices that do not support the installation of pre-existing apps, regardless of the version.

Endless Buffering

Buffering can be pretty annoying. To fix this, see the following:

  • Internet speed: the perfect speed should be upwards of 5mb/s for uninterrupted streaming. Some devices and networks are adjustable in this regard.
  • Browser support: there are slow and fast browsers that respond differently to different networks and services, so try different browsers.
  • A simple restart here can also fix buffering issues. Close all apps, restart the device, then try streaming again.
  • Check the network load, and try to minimize the number of devices using the connection for better performance.

You should be good to go if all these measures are correctly implemented! For further issues, try contacting service support in case the service is down momentarily.

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