How To Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Battery Life Issue

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is the flagship device from Samsung that came up with higher battery capacity and several top notch features. The addition of these cool features is one of the main reasons of draining out the battery life much faster. Many S6 edge plus users have complained about this particular issue so far. But never think it as a faulty device rather poor battery life is the issue with most of the Smartphones and this is the case with this model as well. However, lots of options are there using which you can always get rid of this s6 edge plus battery life issue. Some of the useful tricks to improve the s6 edge plus battery life are explained here.

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Close down unnecessary apps

This is the first advice to all who are facing battery life issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus. There are many third party applications in the device that keep on eating a huge amount of battery and there are many apps not vital for you. So, go to the Settings and head towards battery section to find out what all are the unnecessary apps that are eating a great amount of battery and either uninstall or force stop them. This step is been proved as helpful to many.

Restart the device

This is another helpful method to get rid of the Galaxy s6 edge plus battery life issue. Whatever issue you face with your device, be it performance related, battery related or any other issue, restarting the device could fix up the issue sometimes in seconds. Hold down the power button for few seconds to turn it off and the turn it on.

Maintain battery charge cycle

Whether you have faced any battery life issue or not but one full battery charge cycle is recommended once in a month for the proper maintenance of the battery. What you are required to do is just charge it 100% and try using it down completely. This is a very useful tip for battery usage that helps in maintaining the battery for the longer time period.

Disable location service

We all do not need to use the location service all the time, so the best option is to disable it and enable only when required. This way you can save a great amount of battery in your Galaxy S6 Edge plus. Go to the settings and disable this service. Make a habit of doing this and you can notice a great change in the battery life of your expensive device.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC etc. keep on updating constantly and thus eat a great amount of data along with draining out a great percentage of the battery in less time. So, try switching them off when you do not need to use them and turn them on in need. Head towards settings and turn all of them even the cellular data to fix up the Galaxy S6 Edge plus battery life issue.

Delete unused apps

There might be many apps in your device that you do not use actually. So, why to block the space with all these unused apps? They have a bad impact on battery life while it also affects the performance. So, just uninstall them from the device and free up as much space as you can. It will automatically improve the performance and the battery life of your S6 Edge plus.

Use black wallpaper

S6 edge plus offer you to enjoy videos and wallpaper smoothly with its high-resolution display but at the same time moving wallpaper and animated wallpaper eat a higher amount of battery. So, you can use black wallpaper to fix this battery life issue to some extent.

Factory reset

If none of the above tips work out for you, the last option is to perform a factory reset but have a backup of all the data beforehand as this step will erase everything from the device. Head towards settings> Backup & reset > Factory reset and it will delete all the data from your S6 Edge plus.