How to fix Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has notably the biggest battery among the Note devices launched before it. The user experience is enhanced pretty well with its extensive battery stance. But some users reported that the battery drains out quickly. According to Samsung, the 4,000 mAh battery of Note 9 can last as long as a day after a full charge. And surely such a big battery can last that long. But if that is not the case with you, there are some things to try so the battery can last longer. Let’s see how to fix Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues.

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Fixing Galaxy Note 9 battery life issues

Solution 1: Check Battery Usage

Some apps consume a lot of battery. The battery usage can be checked from the Battery Usage app located in the Settings > Device > Battery. In the Battery Usage app, you may see all the details that show which app is consuming an unusual amount of battery. Remove such apps to save the battery. If there is no such app, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Turn off background apps

Make it usual practice to clear the memory after you are done with an app. Most of the users let the apps running even after they are done using them such as communication and social network apps. The list also includes games. Usually, we close the app using the in-app close option or back key. But we do not clear the memory. To access the quick memory, press the Recent App key on your Galaxy Note 9. From there close all the running apps and then restart your Note 9. Over time the battery will stop draining.

Solution 3: Turn off some advanced features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has stronger and greater features. A simple example is Bluetooth which can pair up with the devices within 120 ft. This range is 90% longer than hundreds of other standard smartphones but because of that, it uses more energy. Just because of this and similar features, Note 9 consumes more battery when they are on. A simple solution is to turn them off. When it comes to Bluetooth, it’s easy to do it. Just go to Settings > Connections and simply use the switch to turn it off.

Solution 3: Update the apps

Some software patches that are not updated tend to keep on. And in the course, they keep on consuming the battery. Updates bring bug fixes, and after each update, the app should run smoother and better.

To update the apps, go to Play Store > Menu > My Apps. You can choose the option Update All or to tap on Update selecting only one app.

Solution 6: Factory Reset

If the problem exists even after you have tried these solutions then you should try factory resetting your Note 9. But, don’t forget to back up your files first. Go to Settings and open General Management. The Reset option should be selected from there. It will show you the Factory data reset option. Tap on it to select that option and then on the Reset Device. In the end, choose Delete All and confirm. Any possible system issue should be removed after that.

Battery hardware problem

It is very rare that the battery or charging system in Galaxy Note 9 is the problem. But if after trying all these solutions you are not able to resolve the issue then visit the nearest Samsung customer center. That might be the hardware defect.