How to fix Galaxy Note 10 GPS issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 owners get the finest GPS to use. The users have averagely rated its quality to be the best among all smartphones. However, some might be facing GPS issues on Note 10. There are a lot of possible reasons, but how to fix Galaxy Note 10 GPS Issues? Here we have all the solutions you need.

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Solution 1: Soft Reset

Some bad apps create network problems in smartphones. A soft reset can fix it in minutes. To perform a soft reset, press and hold Volume down and Power key until the phone restarts. Release keys after the logo appear. This should resolve any minor error in the system, making it behave normally.

Solution 2: Set GPS to High Accuracy

The default GPS setting on Note 10 is High Accuracy. But after a certain update or an operational change, the GPS downgrades. To bring it back to high accuracy:

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Enter Connections
  3. Open Locations
  4. Tap Location Methods and select High Accuracy

This takes the GPS back to perform at full.

Solution 3: Remove Hard Covering

The rigid covers, such as the plastic or silicon back cover often obstruct the network. The GPS component inside the phone might be getting network interference because of the cover. Remove it and turn off the GPS. After a couple of minutes turn the GPS back on. If this was an obstruction issue, it should have been resolved now.

Solution 4: Reset the Network Settings

The GPS issue can also be resolved by resetting the network settings. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your Galaxy Note 10
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Scroll down to General Management and tap on it
  4. Tap Reset
  5. Choose Reset Network Settings from the menu
  6. Confirm the selection

This may take a few seconds, based on the cache registry. Usually, the GPS performs like new after the network is reset.

Solution 5: Check for Updates

At times, the GPS stops working or is delivering the wrong position because the app is not up to date. It is better to check for the updates on map apps and other navigational apps you use. Also, make sure to check for the system updates as some time the system updates halts at the back without notifying due to some errors.

Solution 6: Clearing Cache

The apps even tend to make the GPS perform abnormally. Try clearing the cache of the apps, as an error might have built up in the cache registers. To clear the cache, go to the Settings and open Apps. Open the apps on which the GPS is used, such as Maps. And tap on the Clear Cache option. After clearing the cache, restart your device to refresh the settings. Then try to use GPS again.

Solution 7: Factory Data Reset

This is the most common solution to every issue not just on Note 10, but on all Androids. But, first, create a backup. To perform a factory data reset to bring the GPS back to normal:

  1. Back up the phone data
  2. Shut down the phone using the Volume Down and Power key altogether.
  3. Enter Recovery mode by using keys Volume Up + Power. Press and hold both and release them after the Samsung logo appearance.
  4. The only thing you need to do here is to select wipe data/factory reset. You need to use Volume keys to scroll to the option and with Power, key confirm your selection.
  5. Choose Yes and then Reboot system now.

The process may take a few minutes to complete. After it is done, try to use GPS again. The factory reset may successfully resolve the problem.

GPS Component Defect

It is very uncommon that a Galaxy Note 10 has a faulty GPS component. But it could happen. Instead of trying troubleshooting it yourself, visit the Samsung store nearby.