How To Fix Autofocus Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The experience when using the same smartphone model can be completely different – while for some device works perfectly and without any glitches, others need to find the way to solve the problem that occurred. That’s the case with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The majority of users are super satisfied with its performance, as for them this smartphone works like a charm. Others, on the other hand, do have problems, and one of the issues reported is “autofocus not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 4”.

If you noticed that when using the camera app it takes a lot of time to focus, or if it won’t focus at all, keep on reading. We have prepared several solutions that may help you get rid of this annoying problem. Even though the potential solutions listed below helped many people to solve this, they may not work for you and if that is the case, contact your carrier because the problem with auto-focus is usually hardware-related.

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Ways to fix autofocus not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Solution No.1: Remove camera lens protective film

If you recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and if you haven’t removed camera lens protective film already, make sure to do it. It is often the reason why autofocus is not working as it should.


Solution No.2: Clean the lens

It is important to keep the lens clean because even a bit of dirt and dust can cause some issues. When cleaning the lens do it slowly and gently.


Solution No.3: Remove the case

If you have a case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, remove it and see will it make any difference. Some people noticed that once the case is removed, autofocus works just fine.


Solution No.4: Use scotch tape

This little trick helped many to  get rid of the problem. Place your Samsung Galaxy on the stable surface. The backside of the device should be on top. Take the scotch tape and put it over the camera and after a couple of seconds pull it off gently. See if the autofocus is working normally now, if not, move to the other solutions listed below.


Solution No.5: Restart your device

A restart can be very helpful because it will free up some memory on your device by closing tons of apps which were running in the background. Turn your device off and turn it back on then try to use the came to see if the autofocus is working.


Solution No.6: Clear Camera app cache and data

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap Application Manager
  • Click on “All” tab
  • Find the Camera app and tap on it
  • Tap “Clear cache” and then tap “Clear data”


Solution No.7: Camera settings

You can make some changes in the camera settings. Open the Camera app, touch the gear icon and then tap on three dots to open the full Settings menu. Tap on Metering modes and change it to Spot or Matrix.


Solution No.8: Tap the camera

The camera can be loose and it may be the reason why autofocus not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 4,  so you can try tapping the camera gently.



If the solutions you found here didn’t work, contact the retailer store or your carrier because it may be a hardware problem and you will probably get a new device.



Image Source: YouTube / Mobile Gadgets

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