How to fix Apple TV black screen

Apple TV is a palm-sized black box that connects to your Television by HDMI cable. It brings features of an Internet connection to your television. It is a “set-up box” that brings your Smart TV access to Web video apps. It comes with a remote control to manage your settings. In other words, it’s easy to surf all the entertainment content such as movies and TV shows, etc. on your TV screen with Apple TV box on spending just 69$.

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Black screen issue and why it appears?

Apple TV is a great device to get your TV connected to the Internet if you want to enjoy music, get videos, download apps, play games, or get connected to other Apple devices. However, modern technology comes with a lot of settings and management tools. Some of you may have experienced a black screen when you connected it to your computer.

Apple TV box itself has no control settings, however, it is controlled externally with remote control via other apple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. So, any damage to these devices results in the generation of troubles in the Apple TV.

Fixing options

In order to fix Apple TV black screen, we gave a variety of methods such as:

Using Third-party tool

You can fix your Apple TV black screen with the help of a third-party tool like iMyFone Fixppo. It is an iOS repairing tool that can repair your apple device which works as a remote control for your Apple TV. Once, your Apple device controlling your Apple TV is repaired, your Apple TV will start working properly.

The only thing you have to do is to download the app, select standard mode, and connect your laptop or PC to Apple TV. Then, it starts fixing your issue.

Check out the power cord and HDMI cable

Check out if the Apple device is connected to the power or not. Also, check whether the status light is on or not. If the status light is on but still the Apple TV gives a black screen, check HDMI cable connections.

Restart Apple TV

As you know that Apple TV itself has no integrated settings and it works with remote control. Since it has lost its screen so you can restart it with the help of remote control.

  • If you have Apple remote, then press the Down button and Menu button to restart your device.
  • If you have Siri remote then press the Screen icon and the menu button and let it go when the status light flashes off.

Restore your Apple TV with iTunes

One of the best ways to get the black screen fixed is to restore it to factory settings. You can get it done by downloading and installing the latest version of iTunes. Plugin your Apple TV to power card but ensure that no background program is running. Connect your computer with the help of a USB cable with the iTunes launched to your Apple TV. Wait until the Apple TV page appears. Now select Restore Apple TV. Now your black screen issue will be fixed by the restoration process.

Change video resolution

If your Apple TV is showing up a black screen, then you can also fix this issue by changing the video resolution setting from your remote control.

These are some simple methods you can adopt in order to get your issue fixed but first of all, you should check the power cord and HDMI cable to know that whether your device is connected to the power supply or not.

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