How To Fix Android “Ok Google” Not Working Problem

Android “Ok Google” Not Working
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You can search anything on Google only by speaking. “Ok Google” is the command of voice search to start with. But sometimes due to various reasons this command may not work properly on your Android phone. Many users complained about Android “Ok Google” Not Working, and this article we are going to share the solutions so that you can fix the problem with ease, and the voice search will work like a charm again.

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Steps To Fix The Android “Ok Google” Not Working

Solution No.1:

Voice search only supports US English and it can’t understand any other language apart from it. So make sure that English (US) is set as the language on your Android phone. It’s better to check the language settings first if Your Android “Ok Google” Not Working. To do that, go to Settings > Language & input.
Solution No.2:

The other thing you should do is to disable the apps in the accessibility settings, such as KingRoot, AppLock, etc. Navigate to Settings, scroll down and tap Accessibility. At the top of the screen, you will see those apps. Tap on the app and switch it off.

Solution No.3: 

The other reason that can stop the response of “Ok Google” may be the microphone issue. Once you open the Google app, and say “Ok Google” or type on the microphone, you will notice the microphone icon which should look bold, without any dotted lines. If that is not the case, the microphone may be dirty, so you should clean it carefully using a pin.


Solution No.4: 

Update Google app. You need to make sure that you have the latest version of Google app. Open Google Play, tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu and tap on “My apps & games”. You will see all the apps there, find Google, and if there is a new version available, tap Update.


Solution No.5: 

If you keep various apps running in the background, this feature might not work properly. If the background apps create noise the microphone gets confused between your voice and the background sound which results in no responses. Close the apps that are running in the background.

Android “Ok Google” Not Working
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Solution No.6: 

Updated language pack is a very important point in order for this feature to work correctly. Though the language is set to US English but if the language pack is not updated then this feature will not work. You can update the language pack by heading to Voice search Language Settings > Offline Speech Recognition > English (US) > Update Available.


  1. I found out in android 9 pie, ok Google voice command doesn’t work when battery saver is on. I was going nuts trying to get it to work lol. Then it clicked, turn off battery saving mode and voila works

  2. I am a having an issue opening my text messages using Google assistant. When I say okay Google show me text messages I get a verbal notification something went wrong

  3. My “Okay, Google” wakeup was not working. I tried everything I could find on the web and a whole lot more. It turned out all I needed to do was to re-start the phone!

    After that, it worked fine. If you’ve suddenly lost “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Google” wakeup, I’d try re-starting your phone as the first attempt at a fix!

  4. Samsung s9, this worked thanks.
    Google Voice. Following are the steps for that-

    Google Settings app > Search & Now > Voice > Ok Google Detection. Now tap on Retrain Voice model and say “Ok Google” for 3 times.

  5. You seem to have omitted an obvious solution and that is to retrain your voice. After trying all of your suggestions to no avail, I retrained my voice and it worked like a charm

    1. Mine won’t even allow me to retrain! Bought Google Home Assistant for Christmas and I can’t teach it my voice, just keeps on thinking about it. Tried to retrain, page won’t open either now did before tho, totally fed up working and searching for hours now

  6. I tried everything all my apps in assessibilty were already off?? Cant figure it out i did every step and even searched goofle everywhere didnt help either

    1. If you are using a Samsung model then disable S Voice feature and see what happens as it is found that S Voice and Google Now are not compatible always.

      Second thing you can do is retraining your Ok Google Voice. Following are the steps for that-

      Google Settings app > Search & Now > Voice > Ok Google Detection. Now tap on Retrain Voice model and say “Ok Google” for 3 times.

  7. No ok google is in english uk on mu samsung tab s & works but on pixel c only us English will work? There is no loci why the google made tablet won’t work. Help

    1. You are EXACTLY right! Thanks much!
      I turned off all accessible apps and the voice training worked properly. I then turned the accessible apps one at a time and tested the “ok google” feature with each one. As it turns out it seems that you can’t have more than one app turned on without disrupting this service.

    2. That worked for me as well – it was LG On-Screen phone that was preventing OK Google from working. Disabling it in the Accessibility menu made the voice command work again.

      1. same here, turning of kingroot in the accessibility settings seemed to solve the problem, thanks so much!

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