How to Fix and Prevent iPhone becoming Hot

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Have you ever felt your iPhone getting hot when you hold it? Seems the answer of this question for most of iPhone users is yes. If you are one of it who are facing this issue, maybe you need to read this article further.

iPhone is a smartphone with has an extra work. It has a high end hardware with intend software process and wireless communication as well as the other smartphone. All of these process can cause iPhone getting hot from warm then become hot and the worst is when it’s overheating. Of course we want to avoid the overheating circumstance because it can really damage your iPhone’s hardware. If you own iPhone and often feel it getting hot or you want to prevent it from overheating, this article about how to fix and prevent iPhone becoming hot can become your reference.

Learn more if iPhone getting hot and overheating

iPhone is made like the other electronic devices has specification of temperature range between minimum and maximum. If we refer to iPhone technical specifications from Apple, it’s known technically that the iPhone is designed to operate correctly in areas where the temperature is between between 0º C and 35º C. This is a relative temperature and actually in upper range iPhone still able to work. If iPhone experiences overheating because of environment temperature or it’s caused by iPhone itself, it will display warning message which say that “the iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. Normally this will be displayed on a black background. To be able to use it back in normal, you have to bring your iPhone to environment in normal temperature and let it cools down. During the cool down process, you cannot use your iPhone maximally due to some of iPhone’s functions not resume well such as:

  • The display dims or goes black. Because the LCD need some times to be able to appear video in normal.
  • you may find the cellular connectivity hasn’t worked well, it’s signed by bad signal.
  • Camera flash will not work temporary during the process.
  • iPhone will stops charging. This is matter to avoid component damage caused charging process.

Then, which internal component can make iPhone becoming hot? Here’s the components inside iPhone which cause the iPhone getting hot:

  • processor
  • battery
  • antenna

How to Fix and Prevent iPhone becoming Hot

How to Fix and Prevent iPhone Become Hot

If your iPhone have experienced overheating and as it’s explained above that you found a message which said so, brings your iPhone to a place with normal temperature or a room with AC.

Note the following things:

  • Avoid to charge the iPhone when it’s overheating.
  • Don’t plug headphone accessories on it.
  • Don’t bring it to extreme temperature such as refrigerator to cool it down because it can damage the components inside. Let it cools down normally.
  • Don’t even place iPhone on wet/moist towel because it can make the heat difficult to be released.

Do the things below to prevent iPhone becoming hot:

  • Avoid to place iPhone in rooms which can it becoming hot like inside the car where your car is directly exposed to the sun.
  • Avoid your iPhone’s exposed to the sun in quite long times especially if your iPhone is a space gray version because dark colors absorb heat more easily.
  • Avoid using a case to iPhone if you are going to use it for playing a heavy games for a long time. Playing a game will use processor GPU resource. It will also better if you take off the iPhone case when you are charging your iPhone.
  • Avoid to use your iPhone when it’s charged, because the process itself have increase iPhone’s temperature a couple of degrees which comes from battery.
  • Stop using Bluetooth and WiFi if you don’ need it.

How to fix iPhone becoming hot:

  • Turn on airplane mode can help iPhone to deactivate wireless components which can make your iPhone getting hot.
  • Turn off Location Services on service you use. Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Service, scroll down and choose only the important services. Just for information, service location is connected with turn by turn navigation on Maps can give iPhone a workload on sensor and can make the temperature a bit increase.
  • If your iPhone is felt very hot but has not reached overheating level, i suggest you to power off iPhone for a while. It can decrease temperature.

This tips can you chosen as you need and you know that certain step can be applied for some more times to make your iPhone getting cold.

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