How To Fix A Broken iPhone, iPod or iPad Charger

Apple products are known for the quality and perfection with which they are made. So, you bought an apple product, and everything was perfect until one day when your iPad, iPhone or iPod won’t charge. Now, you might be wondering why won’t my iPhone charge.

There can be two reasons for the issue. The most common problem can be that the thin wire that connects the adapter and the plug which goes inside the charging point get broken. This is a really common flaw from many of the Apple products and is more common in an iPad charger or an apple iPhone 5 charger. A charger gets used so much that the thin wire is destined to be broken one day. The other reason can be when the charging point on your Apple device gets some dirt accumulated, which prevents the device from getting charged.

So if you see that your Apple charger is in perfect condition, then clean the charging port on your Apple device. Dirt can really cause your charger not to work, and you keep wondering why won’t my iPhone charge.

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The best way to clean a charging port or the lightning port is by using a toothpick. You can also use the SIM card remover that came with your Apple device. A toothpick would be a better option as it would not be hard on the port and would not end up scratching against the port.

Just slowly and carefully insert the pin or the toothpick at the side of the Lightning port. Do this gently, because you don’t want to end up making a permanent damage to the port. Once you have inserted the toothpick or the pin, rotate it in the oval-shaped port a few times. After this just pull out the pin and you would find some dirt and lint coming out from the port.

Now, just blow some air into the port so that the dirt which got loosened because of the pin or the toothpick comes out. You can even use a can of compressed air for this purpose because you will avoid moist.

On the other hand, if your charging cord has been broken and has led to your iPhone charger not working, then you can try fixing it yourself before you go out buying a new one.

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Steps to fix a broken iPhone charger

Things you need:

  • A knife which is not too sharp
  • Scissors or a cutter
  • Electrical Tape
  • White Tape
  • Wire Peeler (optional)

Now let’s see how you can fix an iPhone charger not working or an iPad charger.

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  • First of all, you would need to open the outer casing of the charging plug. You have to be very careful and ensure that you do not cut anything that is inside the casing. Also be careful and don’t end up injuring yourself with the knife.
  • The next step is to cut the wire of the charger where it’s broken.
  • Now, remove the plug head from the wire. You should have some wire remaining at the plug so that you can work with it later.
  • After this, remove the rubber from the wire and you will see some wires, which must be wrapped in a foil.
  • Just remove enough foil from the wires which gives you enough length to work with.
  • Separate the wires on the plug and the plug head very carefully.
  • Now, carefully remove the red and black insulating rubber on the wires to expose the wires. You can do this easily with the wire peeler if you have one, and if not, then just use the knife. You would have to do this for both, the wires and the plug head.
  • The next step is to connect both wires and join them by simply twisting them with each other.
  • After joining the rubbers, just put the electrical tape around them so that they don’t touch each other, and you end up short circuiting.
  • The last part is to put back the plastic casing that we removed at the beginning. It should just snap back easily if you have opened it correctly. But if it doesn’t, then you would have to apply some glue, and then wrap some transparent tape around it.

So this is how you can get your iPad charger or your apple iPhone 5 charger working again.

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