How to Find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch

If you are a bit clumsy and have a bad habit like often forget where you misplace your iPhone or forget where the last time you put your iPhone, there’s a way to find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch. Apple Watch is a wearable device wherein you almost wear it all the time and it attach on you. A bit different with iPhone, even though it’s an important device nowadays and it’s like your wallet where you cannot go out without it, but iPhone is not always attach with you all the time. For example when you are at home, after you got a phone call for someone, you may put it anywhere (at the sofa, kitchen, your room or even bathroom) because you think it’s your own home. When you realize you need to use your iPhone or you have to go out and you have to take your iPhone with you of course, but you forgot where the last time you place it. What are you going to do? Maybe you will search for it to the entire of your home, in every single corner. If you own Apple Watch, you can use one of its feature to find your missing iPhone. Here are the easy steps How to Find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch.

How to Find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch

Actually, this Apple Watch feature is not for finding your missing iPhone., but to find iPhone in near range like inside you home or office. The condition for this feature to work well is when the Apple still connected with your paired iPhone. Theoretically it can reach up to 91.44 metres for bluetooth LE connection on iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Watch is not able to find your iPhone if the pair connection on your iPhone is lost or you cannot find your friend’s iPhone which is not pairing with your Apple Watch.

The Steps

To ping your iPhone, swipe up on the Watch face to access Glances.

How to Find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch


From here, just swipe all the way left to the Settings glance where you’ll see the Ping option (an iPhone with audio lines). Tap on that.

How to Find your missing iPhone by using Apple Watch

iPhone will make a ping sound which is a unique iOS device sound and similar with send sound feature on Find My iPhone. Once you tap ping button iPhone, your iPhone will sound one time with loud even though your iPhone is in silent mode and you can keep tapping the ping button until you find your iPhone.

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