How To Find iPhone 6 Phone, SIM Card And Serial Numbers

This is a very rare case when a user forgets his  own number and keeps on searching for it desperately. It may happen if you recently changed your number, and you didn’t have the time to memorize it. Similarly, you might need to check the SIM card number or the serial number. If you are using an iPhone 6 and want to know how to find sim card number on iPhone 6 or the sim card phone number, iOS provides a couple of ways for that. The process to get your iPhone 6‘s phone number, SIM card and a serial number are explained here one by one.

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Find the phone number

SIM card phone number is easily searchable on the iPhone 6. There are two different ways for that. Both are explained here.

  • The first method requires you to follow the path Settings> Phone> My number and it will display you your own phone number along with the country and area code.
  • Another way to get the phone number is to go to the Phone app> Contacts and then scroll to the top. Here tap the name and number of yours and edit the contact number.

So, by following any of the above methods, you can easily find the phone number in case you forget it.

Find out the serial number

There are a number of ways to find the serial number of your iPhone 6. These are explained here.

  • First go to the Settings menu, General and then About will provide you all the details such as serial number, ICCID and other details. Also, the IMEI and MEID number is available in the physical device. In the case of iPhone 6, you will get them at the back of the device. Here the first 14 digit MEID is the IMEI number.
  • Another way to get the serial number is from iTunes. Connect the iOS device with the computer and launch iTunes. Next, locate your iOS device there and click on the summary tab which will provide all the information. If it is an iPhone, tap on the phone number and it will display the ICCID, IMEI, MEID and other details.

  • The serial number is also available in the original packaging of the device. Just check the bar code on the package and you will find out the serial number, IMEI, MEID and ICCID over there.
  • There is one more way to find out the serial number that again involves the iTunes account. This process is helpful when you have lost the device and want to know the details to get the phone back. Have a Mac and PC and turn on both the devices. On Mac, go to iTunes> preference and in PC go to the edit> preference. Tap on the ‘device’ and put the mouse over a backup of your iPhone 6. This will show the serial number of your iOS device.

Find the SIM card number

Your question how to find SIM card number is solved in this section.

You will easily find out the SIM card number of your iPhone 6 from the settings menu.  Follow the same path, Settings >General> About. Here the entry titled as ICCID is the SIM card number of your device.

So, you can now easily find out the SIM card number, phone number and a serial number of your iPhone 6 in case you need them for any reason. If the device is already lost then check the original device packaging to get all the details.