How To Find And Set Screen Savers in Windows 10

It may seem that Microsoft has removed the option to set the screen saver on your desktop with Windows 10. Do not worry, they are not removed, but simply they just moved it to a different location, which was a little hard to find. It should be emphasized that a screen saver is an old-fashioned option on our computers. It is a fact, that screen savers are not necessary on modern, flat LCD screens. Actually, for many users screen saver is one of the favorite things of Windows’s OSs. In Windows 10, Microsoft has complicated the access to the control panel screen, and it seemed like they deleted it from the personalization settings. But it is not true. This guide will show you how to find and set screen savers in Windows 10.

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How to find and set screen savers in Windows 10

Locate screen saver settings in Personalization Panel

Right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize” from the context menu to open the personalization window. “Themes” section shows many settings as in Windows 8.1, but, among them, you can’t find the screen saver.

Personalization control Panel has been completely redesigned, and there you can’t find a screen saver button, as in previous versions of Windows.

You can find the screen saver settings only in “Lock Screen” category where you have all screen saver settings.

Adjust screen saver settings in Screen Saver Settings

If it was too complicated for you, you can find it typing the word “screen saver” in the search box. Click on “Change screen saver” and as you can see, screen savers in Windows 10 got their own control panel. In this window, you can select and configure the screen saver just as in previous versions of the Windows, as literally nothing has changed. Clicking the “Settings”, you can still make the system begins with the login screen after the deactivation of the screen saver.

Although it is not possible to attach the screen saver settings to the start menu or taskbar, you can quickly find them through the search box, or via lock screen settings.

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