How To Fast Charge iPhone 11

Using the original charger that comes with the iPhone 11 will take around 3 hours to get fully juiced. For some people, 3 hours feels like forever. It’s exhausting. On the other hand, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max can get up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes using its adapter. Actually, all iPhones from 11 series are capable of fast charging, but why it only works for the Pro and Pro Max model? How to fast charge iPhone 11 to get 100% in one hour?

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How To Fast Charge iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max ship with an 18W adapter included in the purchasing box. We have no idea why Apple didn’t include the same adapter type to iPhone 11 as well. They put in the standard 5W charger instead. What does the 18W and 5W mean when it comes to charging time?

The 5W adapter that comes with previous iPhone models and it will deliver power in a standard charge – around 3 hours to get a 100% battery life. It also applies to iPhone 11. But, the latest models are capable of fast charging. Apple claims that you can use an 18W adapter or higher to charge iPhone 11 and get full battery life in one hour. But, it is sold separately.

Apple’s 18W USB-C Power Adapter costs $29.00 on its official website. If you have an iPad, it can be an advantage. You can use an iPad 12W adapter to fast charge your iPhone 11. Though, it will get a little longer to get your phone fully charged than using the 18W. If you have another 18W or planning to buy from the third-party companies, make sure it has an MFi certificate, which stands for Made For iPhone.

Here are some tips to fast charge iPhone 11 and to save battery life:

  1. Use an Apple or MFi 18W USB-C Power adapter or higher.
  2. Don’t use your iPhone while charging.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular Data on your iPhone 11 or activate the Airplane mode instead, if you are using a slower adapter.
  4. Don’t charge the iPhone using your MacBook because it may be slower than its normal charging time.
  5. To save battery life, reduce the brightness of your iPhone, enable the Night Shift, or turn on Dark Mode feature.
  6. Use the low power mode if necessary.
  7. Turn off the unnecessary notifications.
  8. Some apps on your iPhone 11 may be using Location Services. It can drain the battery life as well. Set it to ”While Using” instead of ”Always” can help save the battery life. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.