How to enable night mode on Telegram

Telegram has become a very popular app these days. It is a very practical app that lets you communicate with everyone who is either near or really far from you. Basically, you are able to communicate with any person all around the world who has an account on Telegram and has a stable internet connection. Telegram’s display and the interface is really neat and pleasant. The blue color on the app’s logo tells us that the app is really user-friendly.

Recently, the Telegram app added a new feature, the night mode feature. The night mode is so much better than the light. It is more pleasant to the eye, and it is way more comfortable and cozier. So, we will be teaching you how to turn it on on your Android device in just a few simple steps. Keep reading this article to find out how.

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Steps to enabling the night mode on the Telegram app

Telegram is available for both Android and IOS users, so the steps are the same since the app’s display and look is the same for both kinds of devices. You will have no problem following these steps down below.

  • First, you will have to open the Telegram app on your phone. And also, if you are not logged in to your account automatically, log in now so you could continue with these steps below.
  • Find the three lines logo, it is usually located in the top left corner of your phone’s screen, and tap on. This will open the Settings section of the Telegram app on your screen.
  • Scroll all the way down and find the actual Settings and the gear logo. The option is going to be just above the last one on that menu.
  • Again, you might have to scroll down a little until you find the Theme section. It will be located above the Language section. Click on it to open a few new options on your screen.
  • When the new window opens up, you will be able to see four options there. You can set the theme of the whole app. Some of the possible options are the Default, Blue, Dark, and the Nature option. If you have now changed your mind and want to have the whole app colored in the blue theme, click on the second option from that menu there. But, if you still want to go with the night mode, click on the Dark theme.

The whole app is now going to automatically change its theme. You will see that the theme has been changed right away. But, if it hasn’t been changed right away, do not worry. You might have to leave the app, delete its cache form your phone, and open it again. If you still cannot see the change of the theme, check to see if you have done the steps right, and try doing them again. Or, maybe try to restart your phone and open the app again after that.

Enjoy the Telegram app in the night mode!

If the night mode on your phone is turned on

If your phone has a night mode in it, and if it is turned on, the Telegram app will turn its nigh mode on too automatically. So, you can just set up your whole phone if you want to, instead of just setting up one app.

Also, anytime you turn off your night mode on your phone, the Telegram app will follow, and it will be in the light mode again. You can use this method if it is easier for you.