How to enable Night mode on Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy A30 has great specs, nice and big AMOLED display, and a bunch of features that you can tweak according to your preferences. You can customize just about everything and have a completely personalized experience on your phone. And that’s one of the best things when it comes to Android devices. Among a variety of things that you can turn on and off, there is also system-wide Night mode. It is a great option that is easier on your eyes, and also easier on the battery. Once you enable it, you will notice the battery lasts longer. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to enable Night mode on Samsung Galaxy A30.

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How to enable Night mode on Samsung Galaxy A30

You may find the default, Light mode boring, especially after years of using a smartphone. But now, you have the option to switch to Night mode and change the look of the system. It is pretty cool, but not just that. It is also beneficial. We have already mentioned above that Night mode is a lot easier on the eyes and many find it more enjoyable when it comes to day to day usage. Also, it can make the battery last longer which is another great reason to turn it on.

Let’s see how to enable Night mode on Samsung Galaxy A30:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Next, tap Display
  • Tap on Night mode and enable it.

That is all. You have successfully enabled Night mode system-wide. If you want to go back to light mode at some point, just go back to Settings > Display.