How To Enable Flash Notifications On iPhone 11 Series

Regarding notifications on your iPhone, Apple gives you many options. You can use sound, vibration, or LED flash when new notifications come in.

If you don’t like the alert sound or the fact that you have to silence your phone but are waiting for an important message or phone call from someone, what is your option? You can enable flash notifications on the iPhone 11 instead of the sounds or vibrations. This way, you will never miss any notifications anymore.

How To Enable Flash Notifications On iPhone 11

If you enable flash notifications on your iPhone 11, the LED light will flash each time you get incoming notifications while your phone is locked and in silent mode.

  1. Unlock your phone if it is locked. From your iPhone home screen, head to Settings.
  2. Once on the Settings screen, find the Accessibility option and tap on it.
  3. Scroll down until you get to the HEARING section. Then, choose the Audio/Visual that lies under the HEARING section.
  4. On the Audio/Visual screen, you will see the LED Flash for Alerts option. Tap the button next to it to enable flash notifications on the iPhone 11. The button should turn into a green color when it is activated. When you do this part, the LED flash of your iPhone camera will blink only when the device is locked.
  5. If you want the LED flash to work when the phone is in silent mode as well, make sure the Flash on Silent button is green.

Now, every time you get messages, a phone call, an alarm, or any other information, your iPhone 11 will flash. If you have a phone call coming, the iPhone 11 will keep blinking until you pick up the phone or the caller stops calling.

Repeat the steps listed here if you no longer need the LED flash alert and want to deactivate it. The difference is, on the Audio/Visual screen, tap the green button next to LED Flash for Alerts, and the button will turn into a grey color.

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