How to enable Twitch donations

If you are a Twitch user and stream videos or watch streaming here, you must have been familiar with the possibility of donating and earning money on Twitch. You may have been asking yourself how to enable donations on Twitch?

Well, the procedure itself is not complicated, but you should get informed about the methods of enabling donations. In this article, we have gathered the information for you and explained the procedure of setting up the donations on Twitch.

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What methods can you use?

There is a couple of methods to set up the donations on Twitch and some of them are a bit complicated to set up, in comparison to the others. But, none of these procedures is difficult to understand and set up, so you can start earning money. You can enable donations on Twitch using cryptocurrencies, using a PayPal account, or you can use the Twitch Bits.

You should know that each donation on Twitch is taxable, because it is considered as a source of income and not treated as the donation itself, or a gift. You can get a tax return when you fill the tax sheets.

Use PayPal for donations on Twitch

As PayPal is one of the safest ways to use it while purchasing online, Twitch made it possible for streamers to receive donations via this method. You can directly get the money on your PayPal account if you give the users who want to donate money, your email address that is used to register on PayPal. Also, you can get the money more quickly, by setting the link of your PayPal account that will be shown on the video stream, and where those who want to donate, can do so, just by opening the link.

To set the link with the PayPal address to receive donations, you can mention it while streaming the video, and also post it to the chat on your channel on Twitch. Then, you should go to the channel, and open the Edit Panels heading, and then click on the Plus button.

Now, you are supposed to fill in the Panel Title and the Description section below. In this section, make sure to post your PayPal account’s link and a short message about the donations. Now, you will have a Donation section on your profile so anyone can see it and donate if you want so.

Use Twitch Bits for donations

Twitch has its system for donations. It uses the Bits as a type of digital money and can be bought directly from Twitch by money, using Amazon Payments. One Bit is equal in worth to one cent.  To donate Bits, people who want to donate, go to the specific channel they want to donate and enter the word Cheer. Next to the cheer, they should write the number of bits they want to donate.

To set up the Bits donations, open the Twitch and click on the menu that opens when you hit your username. Find the Dashboard section, and then click on the Partner Settings option. You will see the Cheer option; you should click on it. Next, there will be the Enable Cheering with Bits option. Click on it, and now you will be able to receive donations from viewers who watch your streams.

Use cryptocurrencies

Here is another very simple method to receive a donation on Twitch. Cryptocurrencies are very safe, fast, and reliable with the lowest fees to pay for the transaction. To set up receiving donations on Twitch using cryptocurrencies, you should head to your Cryptocurrencies Wallet Application.

Find there a Receive button and look for the address of your wallet. It looks like the link, containing letters and numbers. Copy this address, and post it to your Twitch channel.

So, in the Description section on your channel, post, and address of your cryptocurrency wallet, and remember to mention which currency can be received on this wallet address.