How to enable Dark mode on Honor 10

Honor 10 is a great smartphone that offers smooth performance. If you installed the latest Android 10, you get to enjoy some new features and even better performance and overall experience when using the phone. If you always wanted to have a dark mode that you can switch to, there is some great news. That option became available with Android 10. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to enable Dark mode on Honor 10. Steps are pretty simple and you can find them below.

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There are several reasons to use Dark mode. First of all, you will find that it is much easier on your eyes than the usual light mode. In addition, it can have an impact on battery life. Once enabled, you will notice the battery lasts longer. Plus, if you find the light mode boring, this is a great way to make a change.

How to enable Dark mode on Honor 10

Enabling Dark mode is very simple. Here is how you can do just that:

  • Open the Settings from the Home screen
  • Next, tap Display & brightness
  • You will see Dark mode among the options and the switch right next to it
  • Just tap on the switch and the mode will turn dark right away

That’s it. You have successfully enabled dark mode on your Honor 10. It is that simple. Try it out and see if it is your cup of tea or not. Now, if you don’t find it interesting as some users do, follow the same steps and turn it off.