How to enable and manage browser sounds in Opera GX gaming browser

If you are among those who have decided to try the Opera GX gaming browser, we are sure you will love its design and its features. While it has many options that are the same as the options on other browsers (regular Opera included), this browser offers some new things that you can adjust the way it suits you. While it was designed with gamers in mind, it is suitable for everyone who wants a browser with more features and settings. The browser allows you to turn on the sounds and manage them the way you want. And here in this article, we will show you how to do just that, so keep reading.

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How to enable and manage browser sounds in Opera GX gaming browser

One of the things that will pull you toward this browser is its excellent design and colors, but the options will keep you in place. You can adjust various things, and you can even limit the amount of RAM and CPU the browser can use. Awesome, right?

In addition, you can enable the sounds in the browser and then manage them the way you find best. Here is how to do that:

  • Open GX browser on your computer.
  • Next, click on the Easy setup (three lines in the top right corner of the browser)
  • Scroll down until you reach the Features section
  • Click on the switch next to Browser sounds to turn it on
  • Next, click Configuration

  • There, you will find different options that you can turn on and off as you like
  • You can also change the volume for each option by dragging the slider
  • You can adjust the volume for all sounds by dragging the slider next to a Volume option

Pretty simple, right? Now, if you have installed the browser, head over to Easy setup and make desired changes.