How to enable and disable background app refresh on iOS devices

iOS has a variety of great features that allows the users of iPhones and iPads to enjoy many different things and get the most out of their devices. The feature we are going to talk about here is background app refresh.

When you are using an app and switch to another app, the one you previously used will remain active for a while, and then it will go into a suspended state. And when an app is in such a state, it won’t check for new content or updates. In addition, the app won’t take up the resources of the system. But, what if you want the app to be constantly updated with new content? That’s exactly when this feature comes into play. Here is how to enable and disable background app refresh on iOS devices.

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How to manage background app refresh

If you want the battery of your iOS device to last as long as possible, then it would be best to leave this feature disabled. When the app or more apps are constantly updated and refreshed, it will have a lot of impact on the battery of your device. On the other hand, if you prefer getting the updates and new content and you are not concerned about the battery, feel free to enable it. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Settings on your iOS device
  • Then go to General
  • Tap Background app refresh
  • Enable the feature
  • You can enable or disable background app refresh for each app individually by tapping on the switch next to the app.

If you change your mind at some point and want to disable this feature, just go back to Settings > General > Background app refresh and turn it off.