How to enable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S20

You just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20 and you are ready to explore all the phone has to offer. As soon as you dive into the Settings, you will realize there are so many things that you can adjust according to your preferences and that’s a great thing. Not all of us want the same out of the phone, and each individual can tailor almost everything to match the personal taste and desires. One of the options you may stumble upon is Always-on display, and you can turn it on and off as you please. Here, we are going to explain what this feature is and how to manage it. Here is how to enable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S20.

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What is Always on display?

Always on display is a special feature available on some Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy S20. This feature allows the users to customize the screen and show certain information, such as date, time, battery percentage, app notifications, and more.

Before you enable it, you need to keep in mind that this feature consumes a lot of power, so you may notice the battery level decreasing a bit faster than it usually does.

How to enable Always on Display on Samsung Galaxy S20

Out of the box, this feature is turned off. Here is how to turn it on:

  • Swipe down from the Notification bar and tap Settings
  • Tap on Lock screen
  • Tap Always on display to enable it.

There you go. This is how to enable it. This feature is super useful as you can get a lot of info right there on the screen. However, keep in mind that it consumes power and if you want to make the battery last longer, than this isn’t something to go for.