How to edit subscriptions on Reddit

Do you use Reddit a lot? Do you struggle with the organization of the too many subreddits that you have joined? Is your Reddit feed very disorganized? Are there several subreddits that you want to leave? If your answer is yes, to any of these questions, then you need to read this article to get the knowledge on how you can edit your subscriptions on Reddit. The methods discussed here will not only tell you how to leave unnecessary subreddits but also give you an idea of how you can make your Reddit subscriptions more organized. Read this article to find out about these helpful methods.

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Join/leave subreddits

To join a subreddit, the most straightforward way is to go to the subreddit page and click on the join button present there. And, to leave a subreddit, you need to open that subreddit page and click on the ‘leave’ button present there. These buttons are located beside the name of the subreddit at the top of the respective subreddit page.

Another method to join/leave a subreddit is by using the old Reddit UI (user interface). You can go to the old subreddit in this manner: Find the username and click on the downward arrow next to it. The username is located in the top-right corner of the screen when you are surfing the Reddit. A dropdown menu appears. From this drop-down menu, click on the ‘visit old Reddit’ option. This will take you to the old Reddit. Once you are in the old Reddit, you need to click on the ‘edit’ button visible in the top-right corner (alternatively, you can also go to the link: In the right portion of the webpage, you should see all the subreddits that you have subscribed to. From these subscribed subreddits, you can leave whichever of them you want to.

Form custom feeds

To keep everything organized if you have subscribed to several subreddits, you can form custom feeds of your subscriptions. A custom feed is a new name for the multireddit in the old Reddit. What custom feed is used for is that it combines multiple subreddits under one name and provides all their feeds under it. So, this is especially beneficial for those who have subscribed to so many subreddits that they feel a lot disorganized and want to consolidate their feeds in a few custom feeds.

The process of forming a custom feed is quite simple: On the left side, you should see a list of different items. Just above your subscribed subreddits, you will see the ‘custom feeds’ heading. Click on the + icon beside it. A new dialog box appears. Type the name of the new custom feed and click on the ‘create custom feed’ option. Now, go to the subreddits one by one which you want to add to this custom feed. For each of those subreddits, click on the three-dots icon next to the ‘about community’ section near the top-right area. A menu appears. Click on the ‘add to custom feed’ option. Click on the custom feed that you want to add it to and click on ‘update’. You have to do this for each subreddit that you want to add in this custom feed.


There is no need to worry if you have been using the old Reddit and would like to continue using it. The above methods work to give the same result in the old Reddit as well. The only difference is that in the old Reddit, the custom feed is called multireddit, and joining a subreddit is called subscribing to the subreddit.

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