How to edit photos using Google Drive

You can use the Google Drive app for editing photos as well, not just for storing them. You can add some effects, change the background, use PNG pictures on top of other images on Google Drive. We will try our best to explain to you some of these ways you can use to edit your photos on Google Drive. Keep reading this article for an easy step-by-step guide.

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Items and accounts you are going to need for this:

  • A working and connected Gmail account.
  • Your computer (it is going to be hard to do this on your phone, maybe you will not even have the option to do this)
  • Your Google Drive opened.
  • And finally, an image that you want to edit (or more photos)

Steps to editing your picture

  • First, log in to your Gmail account and open Google Drive via a link or Google search.
  • Find the New button that has a + sign in it. It is usually a big blue button on the top left side of your computer screen.
  • When the small drop-down menu shows up, you will be able to see many options. You can upload a file, a folder, make a folder, etc. But, you will need to find the Google Drawings option there and click on it. It is an option that has a red outline.
  • When you click on that option, a new blank sheet will open up on your screen. You will be able to name it by clicking on the Untitled section and type there whichever name you want to give to your file.
  • Remember how we said that you have to have an open Gmail account in the other tab? Well, go to that tab and click on Compose. You are now going to send an email to yourself with a picture that you want to edit.
  • Next, go to Google search and find whichever image you want to have for your background. You can search for any kind of image. Just let your creativity flows. When you have found a photo, and you are sure that you want it to be the background of the new picture you are editing, click on the image so it can expand a little. Now, right-click it and find the Copy option when the new drop-down tab shows up. Click on the option, and you will have the image copied to your clipboard.
  • Return to the Google Drive drawing, click anywhere on the white sheet, and right-click it so you can paste it by taping on the Paste button. The background picture that you found on Google is now there on the Google Drawing sheet. You can resize it and expand it or make it as small as you want to. Just grab the blue edges of the picture with your cursor and move it in different directions to see how it will look. Also, you can move the picture to any place of your paper by clicking somewhere on the center of the photograph, hold, and move it. When you right-click the image you just pasted, you will see an option to Center it on the page or make it horizontal or vertical.
  • Go back to your Gmail account, copy that picture too, and go back to the Google Drawings tab. Paste that image too by right-clicking and taping on the paste button.

And that is it. Keep in mind that it is better if you search on Google Images for some picture that is transparent/PNG. It is better for these kinds of edits.