How to Download YouTube Playlist

Watching videos on YouTube is something many people love whether it is to watch the yummy recipes, the instructions to download images from the PC to the mobile phone or the funny videos showcasing various activities of baby animals. A lot of people across the globe stream millions of videos every day from this channel. However, some people prefer to download playlists from YouTube so that they can watch the videos offline. One of the major reasons to watch the videos offline is that the internet connection is not the same in all places; so, one can enjoy watching the videos in those places where the connection is slow. Apart from this, there are places where there is no internet service available, so people can watch the videos from the playlist in those places as well. Whatever the reason, people are always looking forward to solutions that allow them to download playlist and music with ease.

What is a YouTube playlist?

The YouTube playlist presents a collection of videos that are linked together with the help of a common factor, which is decided by the compiler. It can comprise videos of the same artist, the television shows of the same series, and a combination of audio tracks of the same genre, or something entirely different. The list can be created by the publisher of the media online and the arrangement can be done in any way that is suitable. Some of the streaming services are preferred and popular for playlists, but you can create your own playlist as you want or access any other. You can listen to the audios or watch the videos for hours without interacting with the program or discovering new music. Although many videos are created by the users, some services get bots to create the playlists.

Downloading a complete playlist

Technically speaking, downloading media from YouTube is against the ToS, or even against the law. As different kinds of media with different licenses are published on the platform, you must ensure that you are not breaching the law and copyright when downloading them from YouTube.

How to download playlist with VLC?

Most people have VLC installed on their computers as it is considered as the best media player. Although VLC is a video utility toolbox that cannot be surpassed, it has some other unique features as well. One of the major tricks is the ability to download media content from the streaming sites and even though the downside is that you have to save each track manually, VLC works through to present the entire list for you. The following steps can help you to download your favorite playlist from YouTube.

  1. Open VLC and select media of your choice from the top menu.
  2. Choose the network stream.
  3. You have to copy the playlist URL from YouTube and paste it into the Network Stream box and select play.
  4. Choose tools and Codec information while the first video is still playing in the background.
  5. Copy the data in the location box situated at the bottom.
  6. Paste the location data on the browser tab and press Enter and the video should play in the browser now.
  7. Right-click on any location at the browser window and select Save As.

By using this process, you will be able to download each video on the playlist by turn. Furthermore, you will have to perform or repeat steps four to seven for each track, and that is going to suffice your purpose. However, the process can take time depending on the number of tracks on the playlist. Whatever the other considerations, this process of downloading is far more reliable and you can eventually get the entire playlist even if you cannot download it in one go. With a quality media player like VLC, which most of the people have, people are aware of the number of downloads and how it is going to work. However, if you are not too keen to use the VLC media player for downloading the playlist, there is another way to accomplish your objective without having to save each track individually.

VLC player

Downloading from YouTube playlist

When you decide to step aside from VLC, the other solution that emerges is the website called YouTube Playlist that enables you to complete the work of downloading the playlist exactly the way you want. However, it may take some time to download the entire playlist as it chooses an entire playlist, organizes it properly and then starts the process of download; but as a tool, it is quite flexible.

The following points explain how to complete the download process from this website.

  1. You have to navigate to the YouTube Playlist and choose the option of download YouTube to get around the advertisements but stay away from downloading any software even when you are compelled.
  2. Paste in the playlist URL from YouTube into the center box and press Enter.
  3. Choose the audio format you need.
  4. Allow the site to collect the data of playlist and you can see it loading below the blue box below containing a certain number of videos.
  5. Choose the green download button situated next to each track.

Previously, this site allowed the users to download a complete playlist from YouTube, but that is no longer possible. All that you can do is to export the playlist to Spotify if you prefer or else you can hit Download MP3 or MP4 available under each track. Downloading from VLC and the website called YouTube playlist are two of the most reliable options to watch the videos and listen to the audio track even though they are not going to help you to download the entire playlist at the same time, and all this you can do without installing third-party software.

There are some other ways via which you can download the playlists from YouTube.

4K Video Downloader

This is another means of downloading the playlists from YouTube and it does a lot more than this. For instance, you can download the entire channels with the help of a single click, and ask the app to automatically download the new videos from YouTube as soon as they are available along with the newest 3D and 360-degree videos.

One of the unique features of this downloading application is its potential to download the associated subtitles, and you can either embed them into the video file or save them as separate SRT files. You can save the videos in the format you prefer. If you decide to download the playlist, the application is going to automatically create the M3U playlist, thereby allowing you to play the videos sequentially on the app. Moreover, the process of download is extremely simple as all that you need to do is to paste the YouTube link into the main window and let the app do the rest of the things.

4K Video Downloader


This is somewhat similar to the previous application but offers a lot more than just another way to download the playlists from YouTube. With the help of this app, you can download the entire playlists or single videos. You can just get hold of the URL and click PasteURL on the top left-hand corner of the screen. After this, you have to select the format, and when you are ready, you can click on Download. The app enables the download of about five videos at the same time, and if you are using the free version of the app, the download speed is going to be restricted to 4 Mbps.

When the internet connection is slow, but you are in a hurry to download an entire playlist, you can restrict the speed of download so that it does not mingle with the other online activities in which you are involved. Finally, the application also comes with an MP3 extraction tool that allows you to save the audio from the video track, so you do not need to download the entire file again although it is only available in the Pro version.


YouTube By Click

Even though it may not be as great as the other applications that are used for downloading the playlists from YouTube, it is a reasonably good way to complete the work of download on to your computer.

One of the most remarkable features of this app is Autodetect. If the application runs in the background and you copy the URL of the playlist of YouTube you are keen to download, YouTube By Click will recognize it immediately.

Alongside the top of the window of this application, you can select the destination folder for downloads whether you want MP3 or MP4, and a high-quality of the video. A premium version of the app is also available with additional features if you need.


This is another paid app for downloading playlists from YouTube and enables you to save the entire lists and the channels in various formats. As it is a paid app, you can get a lot of features that you may not get elsewhere such as extracting the subtitles of YouTube, 360-degree video downloads, 4K downloads, video converter tool, and a smart mode for automated future downloads.

With all these tools, get going with your playlists from YouTube and start watching the videos or listen to the favorite tracks whether you are alone or with your friends. You can use the playlist at any remote corner of the world where internet connection is hard to come by. However, the number of options can leave you in confusion. You must analyze the features and the convenience of every tool and decide which one to use for downloading the playlist.