How To Download Stock Rom For Galaxy S3

So you rooted your Samsung galaxy S3 and got some custom Rom on your device. But after using the custom Rom for some time you feel like getting the factory settings back and restore on it the stock ROM that came with your device when you first purchased it. Now you don’t seem to have an idea about how you can do that. To make your task easy we have this guide for you that will tell you how you can download stock Rom for Galaxy S3. So go step by step with the following guide to download stock Rom for galaxy S3 and install it on your phone to restore the phone to original factory settings.

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Steps to download stock Rom for Galaxy S3

Important points:

  • This guide will help you download stock Rom for Galaxy S3, but going ahead with the guide is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any fault leading you to bricking your device.
  • Keep your phone charged to sufficient level so as to ensure uninterrupted procedure.
  • When you rooted your device, the Knox counter may or may not have tripped. But once you restore your stock rom through the given procedure then there will be no traces that you ever installed Clockwork Mod Recovery or rooted your phone.
  • It is only valid for Samsung Galaxy S3. Trying it on other phones might result in the bricking of the device.

So here is the guide that will let you download and install stock Rom for Galaxy S3 on your phone. Go step by step.

  • The first step that you need to do is to download and install ‘Triangle Away app’ on your Galaxy S3. You can download the Triangle Away app from the link given below. After downloading it on your Galaxy S3., just install it as you install other apps. Triangle Away
  • After installing the app open it. On the screen of app select ‘Reset Flash counter’.
  • Now turn off your phone and remove it from charging if it is plugged into charging.
    Get your phone into ‘Download Mode’. For doing so, hold the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Home Button’ and ‘Power button’ at the same time. This will get your phone into ‘Download Mode’. Now after you feel a vibration let go off the ‘Power button’ but keep holding the ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Home Button’.
  • After this press the ‘Volume Up’ button to continue.
  • Your phone is in ‘Download mode’ now. You can now plug your Galaxy S3 via microUSB to your computer.
  • Now you should download ‘Odin3’ on your phone. Click here to download. Download Stock Rom For Galaxy S3
  • You also need to download the stock Rom file for your Galaxy S3 after choosing your model of Galaxy S3. Click here to download.
  • Now extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Also unzip the ‘Odin3’ and open the application.
  • In the Odin Application you’ll be able to see a yellow highlighted box at the left of the screen. After this download and install ‘Samsung Kies’.
  • One done, click on ‘PDA’ and then locate the .tar file that you have extracted. It is your Stock Rom file. Download Stock Rom For Galaxy S3
  • Now click on ‘Start’. After this the process will start and your phone will reboot.
    Let the process to run and wait for the phone to reboot.
  • If you see any errors then you should do a factory reset in Stock recovery.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • While the phone is off, press ‘Volume Up’, ‘Home Button’ and ‘Power Button’. Now when you feel the vibration then let go off the ‘Power Button’ without letting go of the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Home Button’.
  • Here select ‘Wipe Data/ Factory Reset’ and when you are prompted to confirm select ‘Yes’.
  • Now select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.
  • Once done select ‘Reboot System Now’.

Once the device reboots your Galaxy S3 has the stock Rom installed on it. You now know how to download Stock Rom for Galaxy S3.

Your device will show as un-rooted and no one can tell that you have rooted your device and have installed a custom Rom on your Galaxy S3.

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