How to download Plex content for offline access

In this article, you are going to learn how to download Plex media content that you are able to use even when you are offline. Have in mind that this feature is available only for Windows and Mac devices there is no guarantee that this is going to work on your phone too. Also, we are going to be giving you some of the requirements and criteria that your account must have in order for you to be able to download content on Plex that you can access offline.

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Some of the requirements and criteria that your account must have

  1. Your profile must be premium. You will not have access to this feature unless your account is premium. In other words, you must have the Plex Pass subscription in order for you to be able to access and the ability to use this feature. If you do not, you cannot download any kind of content that you can watch even when you are offline.
  2. The version of the Plex Media Server must be 1.16.3 and above this one. If you have some older version of the Plex Media Server, you will not be able to download the content and enjoy it even when you are offline.
  3. And the last one is that your Plex Media Server and your Plex app on your Windows or Mac device must be signed in to your own premium Plex account, otherwise, you will not have access to this feature.

The process to download content for offline access on Plex

If you want to download a movie or a TV show, you must first open the Plex app on your device and log into your account. After that, continue to the first step here.

  • Go through your Plex media files until you find the one that you want to download and the one that you want to view even when you are offline.
  • After you have found the TV show or a movie file that you want to download, place your cursor over that TV show/movie’s poster so that a few buttons become visible.
  • You should be able to see the three-dotted button at the bottom corner of that poster, click on it to expand a menu with several different options.
  • In that menu that should have shown up on your screen, look for the Download option. It is probably going to be located at the bottom of that menu there. By clicking on that Download option, a new window should show up on your screen.
  • You will be able to see the Download Options window on your screen. Here you should select whether or not you want to delete the episodes from your device right after you have played them. Select that to Never if you do not want to delete them automatically. And also, you should see the option where you select which episodes you want to download, you can choose the number of episodes, or you can select that to All Episodes if you want to download all of them. Click on the Save button after you are done with that.
  • The download process should begin shortly after pressing that Save button. You are able to cancel the download anytime you want to. To cancel it, just access the menu from step three, and then click on the Cancel Download button. And if the process has been finished, and you want to delete those files, simply erase them.
  • You are able to access the content that you have downloaded anytime you want to by opening the Downloads tab in the Plex app.

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