How to download Hulu videos and watch them offline

Most people are becoming more and more intimate with a fast-paced lifestyle. Rushing from one venture to the next, sitting at home on the couch quickly becomes more of a rarity. Streaming services have begun to find ways to adapt along with us. Hulu is not one to be left behind. Downloading content has become a new and easy way to make sure you’re always entertained- whether you’re at home or on the go. Here we’ll discuss exactly how to download Hulu videos and watch them offline.

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Can any Hulu account download content?

The main requirement for watching offline is to upgrade your Hulu account to the ad-free plan. Only this account and any upgrade going forward have the capability for offline content.

Once you’re sure you’re using the right type of account, all you need is the Hulu App on your preferred device! Android iOS and Apple both meet the qualifications. It’s important to make sure you’re keeping up with the app’s updates- otherwise the content won’t be available.

Is everything downloadable?

With the wide variety in Hulu’s library, it’s no surprise that not everything is eligible to be watched offline. As Hulu is partnered with other companies (FOX, Starz, HBO, etc.) the shows and movies owned by the former are not officially part of Hulu’s library and are therefore not available for offline viewing.

The content that is available for download will have the download symbol in the description. It is recommended to be connected to Wi-Fi when making a download, in order to keep the process as speedy as possible! Once the download is complete, the content can be watched anywhere, at any time.

Hulu does provide an easy way to find content to download. When booting up the app, using the search bar will offer up a Downloadable option. This will automatically limit the content you see to what you can watch offline.

Is there a limit?

Hulu does, in fact, put a cap on the number of episodes or movies that can be downloaded at any given moment in time. No more than 25 things can be downloaded at once. If you want to download a new show, you will need to replace something you already have.

This limit is per account, not per device or profile. A warning will be shown as an account nears its limit, promptly suggesting storage be cleared to proceed.

Can I download content on different devices?

Up to five different devices can have separate downloads at a time, as long as they don’t exceed the limit mentioned above.

Can downloads expire?

Downloads do expire. Within 30 days, anything that has been downloaded will need to be renewed. Also, once downloaded content will expire 48 hours once playback has started. Again, renewing it is an option, and a warning will be given before the content becomes unavailable.

Save your data!

Downloading content is the perfect way to prevent overusing mobile data. When streaming content offline, data is saved. Hulu also has the option to prevent downloads on a phone’s data, so that content will only be downloaded when one is connected to Wi-Fi.

Will my download survive changes?

Downloads can be continued to be managed even when a subscription is on hold, although they will not be available for viewing. When switching plans, downloaded content will remain available as long as the plan is not downgraded to the regular version of Hulu.

Simple and efficient, the ability to manage what you want to view is a great addition to Hulu’s wide variety of features. Catch up on the latest show at any time!

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