How to download GIFs

Several graphic images that together create a super short graphic sequence are GIFs. These can be artistic, abstract, or some tiny parts of a scene from your favorite music video, TV show, or movie. GIFs exist for a long time, but their popularity increased when social networks became popular, especially Twitter as users of this platform love to express themselves, their feelings, or opinions using GIFs. Here, we are going to show you how to download GIFs to your computer. It is all pretty simple.

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Download GIFs to your computer:

  • Open the browser of your choice
  • When you find the GIF you want to save right-click on it and then click on Save image as
  • Choose the location where the GIF will be saved

You can open the GIF later, but always make sure the file you are about to download ends with .gif. If not, you may not be able to open it on your computer. Also, if you want to reshare the GIF, keep in mind that it might be copyrighted.

Download GIFs to your smartphone:

  • When you find the GIF you want to download tap and hold it
  • The GIF will be placed in the camera roll.

As you can see, downloading GIFs to your computer or smartphone isn’t complicated at all. You can also go to websites such as GIPHY and dive into the world of the most amazing GIFs. You can download or share them, but you can also use GIPHY to create your own GIFs.