How to download CBS All Access content

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Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to download CBS All Access content so that you can watch your favorites when you are offline.

If you have ever been disrupted by bad internet connection while watching a star trek series, then I believe you must have desired an offline version – something you can watch even if you are away in the gloomy wholes of zero internet connection.

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What you can do offline

Without a doubt, being able to watch a video offline is a welcome development for all CBS All Access fans, especially for those who love multi-streaming. With the CBS download access; you have the luxury to view thousands of videos with up to 5 devices, even though you are limited to 25 videos synchronous downloads for a lasting period of 30 days and 48hrs after a playback. An exception to these is the limited commercial users.

Further, you have the freedom to download all CBS shows like Big Brother, Beauty and Beast, 7ht Haven, Beverly Hills 90210, NCIS: New Orleans, One Dollar, Start Trek, and so many more.

Categories of shows that can be downloaded

According to the CBS info page on how to download All Access contents, the following are the categories of TV shows which can be downloaded or watched beyond the usual online streaming.

  • Exclusive original series from CBS All Access like Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, One Dollar, Strange Angel, No Activity
  • Magazines (news): 60 Minutes, 48 Hours
  • CBS All Access Classic shows like Cheers, The Guardian, Flashpoint, Gunsmoke, Happy Days, all the classic Star Trek series, The Game, Frasier, Twin Peaks, and so much more!
  • Primetime dramas: Blue Bloods, Bull, Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver, NCIS: New Orleans

Life reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother.

Downloading on CBS All Access

The basic requirement for downloading on CBS All Access is quite simple. It does not require some rigorous steps like opening a hamburger menu and choosing from listed options. Even your 5-year old child can do a little screen touches to secure his cartoon from future internet fluctuations. All that is required is to use your app’s download and play feature: tap the arrow button that appears on your desired video to start downloading – you can find your videos in the download listing.

Notwithstanding, you are restricted by geographical location. This means that you cannot watch a recorded video once outside the U.S border. In other words, you are not covered. It doesn’t matter if you are a Commercial-Free subscriber; you just loose the rolled out download supports once you cross the U.S-Mexico border wall or any U.S border. I don’t know! Maybe you might still be getting some signals. But I just know you will lose it at some point.

Another limitation to downloading on CBS All Access is that it has to be on your mobile or tablets. It is limited to the recent android and iOS version. And for the app, just update to version 6.0 if you have anything less.

Furthermore, your means of subscription matters a lot: if you are subscribed to CBS through Amazon prime, you will not be able to watch videos offline, even if you are on the $9.99 monthly subscription plan. It must have to be through the CBS All Access website which is the most advisable means of a subscription.

Currently, local stations, sports, and news can only be secured for online streaming.

All these shows are downloadable even after it reaches its offline given duration. Also, charges may apply for some videos.

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