How to Downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8 Safely

iOS 9 was introduced Apple at WWDC 2015. It offers new features for iOS device. On that day, Apple provided iOS 9 beta 1 version for developer as a reference. Actually, iOS 9 Beta 1 can only be installed by developers who has a membership and has registered their device to be able to update beta software from Apple. But for some iOS device users, they are tempted to upgrade iOS 9 beta for developer without developer member registration. Maybe you are one of those who have tried iOS 9 beta 1 in your iOS device.

After a couple of days, maybe you found that you were not comfortable with iOS 9 beta 1 and want to downgrade it to iOS 8. Maybe because you found a lot of bugs or some of your third party application were not run well because of compatibility issue. Apple is actually will open iOS beta for public in July. So, can we downgrade iOS beta 1 to iOS 8? Here we are going to discuss about that, how to downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8 safely. We knew that Apple is anti-downgrade by there’s an exception for beta version. Apple realizes that downgrade is needed if user doesn’t like the beta version.

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How to Downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8 Safely

Because the downgrade process from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8 can eliminate data and applications on your iOS device, please backup your iOS device first via iCloud or via Mac/PC.


  • Mac/PC with latest iTunes is installed
  • internet connectivity
  • lighting or 30 pin connector cable

The Steps

  • turn off Find My iPhone, Go to Settings >> iCloud, scroll down then slide off Find My iPhone, enter your Apple ID password, then tap Turn Off

How to Downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8 Safely

  • plug your iOS device into Mac/PC
  • put your iOS device into DFU mode. Hold down power button and home button until iPhone restarts. Count until 5 seconds and release power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, your iPhone screen will remain dark but iTunes will detect your iOS device in recovery mode.
  • just hit OK then the only option for you is Restore (your iOS device). click Restore, another pop up message will appear just click on Restore and Update
  • iTunes will download the latest iOS which is offered by Apple, click next button and agree.
  • iTunes will download firmware that is suitable for your device.
  • If the restore process done, your iOS device will start back to factory setting and you need to do an initial setting.

share with us if you find any problem during the process.

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