How to delete NBA League Pass account

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The League Pass is a 99.99-a-year package that comes with excellent streaming abilities. The NBA gives superfans these abilities to help them keep up with their teams.

If you are reading this, you and NBA are not on good terms. You want out for some reason. Whatever it is, this article will guide you on how to delete your NBA League Pass account.

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What you should know

No "delete my account" button exists on the user website or the app. Usually, companies don’t make it easy for you to cancel your membership. Many other platforms operate in the same way.

The most appropriate action to take is to contact the support team. You can do this through the website or the app. This article will explore both ways.

On the Website

  1. Click on the NBA Support Centre website on your default browser. This will open you up to the help page of the League Pass.
  2. On the page’s menu bar, click on Submit a request hyperlink in the top-right corner.
  3. On the Submit a Request page/form, follow these instructions:
    1. Choose Support Inquiry as the inquiry type.
    2. Enter the email address that you registered your NBA League Pass account with. This makes the request very specific.
    3. Under the Issue Type section, select Apps and League Pass. Then, select the Technical Issues one.
    4. Under Device Type, choose the device you use your NBA League Pass account on the most.
    5. Under the Description section, copy and paste the following message:

Dear NBA, I am writing to you to delete my account. The reason I want you to delete my account is because... Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon. Regards. I confirm that the email entered for this request is tied to the account I want you to delete.

When you are done, click on the blue Submit.

You should now wait for the support team to make contact. Keep checking your mailbox, especially the spam folder.

On the App

  1. Tap on the NBA icon to launch the app. The icon should be on your home page or from a list of your apps.
  2. When the app launches, tap on the More It in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. On the menu that shows, scroll down to the Support
  4. Then, tap on Chat with Support. The chatbox will start to load on the Zendesk platform.
  5. In the "Introduce yourself" section, enter your name and email address in the relevant boxes.
  6. Then, enter a Hello. The screen will switch to a chat room, and a virtual assistant will immediately join the chat.
  7. Then, send this message: I want to delete my account.
  8. The assistant will ask if you wish to remove the account from NBA records. They will then send you a link. This will open up a form. Fill it out appropriately and submit it.

Deleted or what?

Once you submit a delete request, you will no longer be able to enjoy League Pass content. You will need to open a new account if you wish to use the NBA League Pass again.

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