How to delete a TikTok video

TikTok is a famous app that allows its users to share videos that are from 15 seconds to 1 minute long. This platform blew up earlier this year, they have gotten millions of new users, which is probably the consequence of the COVID-19 virus and the fact that the whole world is in quarantine. Everyone is at home trying to pass their time doing different activities, from working out to cooking, reading and etc. However, if you are on your phone, and you are looking for an application that is interesting enough to entertain you, then TikTok is the right app for you. People share different kinds of videos on different subjects, such as cooking, dancing, singing, drawing, showing their cute pets, sharing their thoughtful stories, and so on, and you are also able to post or delete your own videos from TikTok.

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Why you might want to delete your TikTok video

If you have been using TikTok for a while now, you will get influenced into becoming a TikToker as your fellow friends. You will start posting and sharing a lot of videos hoping that you will get noticed and maybe become famous. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to delete your TikTok video.

  • Your post is offensive to a certain race (the black community or the Asian…) or to a certain religion (to the Muslim religion, or to the Jews, or to the Christians…). If the comments that you start getting under that post start referring to it, , it would be better if you would delete the video or videos that are related to this subject.
  • You posted a video about false advisement, which might mislead your followers into believing in what is not actually true. If you found out that the advertisement that you have posted is fake, it would be better and smarter to delete that video.
  • Maybe you have been a TikToker for a while now and you would like to get a fresh new start. So, the only way to do that is to delete all of your videos and to start posting again.
  • You get criticized a lot about the content because people might be too judging sometimes.
  • After posting your video, you take a look at your caption and you find out that you have a spelling mistake or you do not like the caption that you wrote. The only way to change the caption is to delete the video and re-post it again.
  • Your posts are just not good enough for you, or you think that the videos did not get the recognition that they have deserved.

Steps to deleting a TikTok video from your account

First of all, go to your phone, click on the TikTok app, and log in to your account. Click on the “me” icon that you can find at the right corner of your screen. Now, keep scrolling until you see the video that you want to delete and click on the preview. You will be taken to another screen where the video that you have chosen will be played on a loop. In order to access the menu, click on the three dots that you can find in the right part of the screen, right below the comment icon. When the menu pops up, keep scrolling until you find the delete button, then tap on it. A pop-up message will come up where you will need to confirm that you want to delete your TikTok video. Click on the Confirm button and you are done.

Do not forget to save the video to your phone before deleting it, just in case if you want to post it again or for whatever reason.

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