How to delete a registrant on the Livestorm webinar

Do you use the Livestorm platform for your webinars and would like to know how to delete one or more registrants registered in your webinar? Well, here is an article that explains how you can delete a registrant from your webinar. You need not download any software for this. The steps for performing this deletion are simple and straightforward. You just have to follow the steps given here in the order they are mentioned. Once you are done with these steps, you will realize that you can perform these steps on your own too without even referring to this article.

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Logging in

First what you need to do is that you have to log in to the Livestorm platform from a browser. You can use any browser capable of loading the Livestorm webpage. You can use any device as long as that device can be connected to a stable and good quality internet connection. That device should have the web browser installed. Once you have the device, connected to the internet, and the browser installed on that device, you are ready to log in to your Livestorm account. Open the Livestorm website and navigate to the ‘login’ button located near the top-right corner of the Livestorm webpage. Click on this ‘login’ button to open the login page. Here you have to enter the email in the first text box and the password in the next text box. Once you have filled the email and the password, click on the ‘ready to Livestorm’ button. If you have logged in successfully, then there should not be any problem. However, you might get an error if you typed your email address or password incorrectly. Recheck them and try to login again if any error occurs.

Deleting a registrant

Once you have logged in to your Livestorm account, you should see the Livestorm dashboard where all your recent webinars will be visible. Now, perform the following steps to delete a registrant. If you want to delete more than one registrant, you just need to repeat the relevant steps for each registrant.

  1. From the Livestorm dashboard of your account, choose a webinar for which you want to delete a registrant. Click on the chosen webinar to open the webinar page.
  2. There will be some tabs near the top portion of the webinar page. From these tabs, click on the ‘people’ tab.
  3. Now, what you should be able to see is the name of all the registrants of this webinar on the opened tab.
  4. Chose the registrant whom you want to delete and then click on the name of the chosen registrant. This will open up that registrant’s profile in a sidebar from the right side.
  5. In this sidebar, click on the three-dots icon beside the name of the registrant.
  6. A menu will appear. Click on the ‘delete registrant’ option from this menu.
  7. Also, you can delete the registrant from the ‘people’ tab directly by clicking on the registrant’s name and then clicking on the three-dots icon beside the name and clicking on the ‘delete registrant’ option.

Points to note:

  1. The deleted registrant:
    1. Won’t be able to join your webinar unless the registrant re-registers.
    2. Not get emails or reminders for your webinar.
    3. Has been deleted irreversibly i.e. this deletion can’t be reversed/undone.
    4. Might need to be deleted again if the registrant re-registers.
  2. The deleted registrant’s:
    1. Questions and messages will be deleted from that webinar.
    2. Data will also get deleted from the webinar graphs, analytics, and reports.