How to delete a post on Byte App

The modern age that we live in is full of new rising apps and programs. Some new apps and new app features are being released every day! And sometimes it just gets too hard to keep up with all the new programs, apps and the new trendy features this modern age has to offer. But we do not have any doubt that you have heard of the new app called Byte App.

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What is Byte App?

The app was recently released, this year actually, 2020. in January. It’s the app that is similar to Vine and TikTok, but then again, it’s nothing like those two.  The first big difference is that this app lets you upload only a six seconds video. It’s shorter than the videos on Vine or TikTok. And also, you cannot edit filters on videos in the app. It is available on Android and IOS devices. And you can follow your favorite accounts, look at their feed, or like and comment on their post. It basically works like any other app. To start chatting with people you will have to send and share your or some person’s video with them. The app is very easy to use since it has a very user-friendly display. You simply just make a new account with your email, record a video and wait for it to go viral and for it to get a lot of likes and comments.

Assuming that you’ve already registered on this app, uploaded some kind of a video on Byte App and that you don’t really like how it turned out, in this article, we will explain how you can remove that exact same post from your profile.

The steps to deleting a post on Byte App

  • Firstly, you will have to open the app of course, and then go to your profile.
  • Scroll through your videos (if you have more of them posted on your profile) and find the one that you want to delete and open it.
  • Once you’ve opened the video you wish to delete, look for the little arrow showing up button. It should be located somewhere in the right corner of your phone’s screen (next to the buttons that are for liking and commenting on posts).
  • Click on the little arrow.
  • The new pop up window named “Byte by Byte” should show up on your screen, click on the second option with the three dots logo, it will have a word “More” written underneath it.
  • When the “More” pop up window opens up you will be able to see only one option on the bottom of your phone’s screen. That’s right, you’ve guessed it right, the “Delete post” option that we were looking for.
  • Click on that button
  • The next window will then show up and it should ask you whether you still want to delete your post and if you are sure of it. If you wish to proceed, just agree and lightly tap on “Yes”.

And you are all done! The whole science of deleting a post from your profile, on this app. It was a very simple step by step guide, don’t you think so?

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and that you deleted the post you wanted to delete with ease and no problems. If you are maybe having some other issues, or you were unable to delete the post, go to the app’s most common questions tab and search for an answer there. And If that also doesn’t help you, do not hesitate to contact ByteApp’s support for more information and some other possible solution and answers. Until next time!