How to customize your Twitch channel

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To customize is to change the form of something with regards to one’s desires. On the Internet, sites that allow users to create personal items such as accounts and channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) also give them the ability to make changes to their liking.

Twitch is a success item of Twitch Interactive, an American company. The platform provides video game live streaming options among other content. Users who have Twitch accounts enjoy creating channels. They can also create channels and draw traffic in their direction. Since this is possible, this article is going to guide you on how to customize your Twitch channel.

Steps to Customize your channel

  1. On your PC (Mac, Windows or Linux), visit
  2. Enter your login details to access your account. This should open to your home screen.
  3. In the top right corner, click on your profile picture (icon, avatar).
  4. On the menu that shows, click on the ‘Channel’ button. This will open you up to the ‘Home’ tab.
  5. Click on the "Customize your Channel" button that is visible on the right side of the screen. The page will open in a new tab.
  6. On the new tab, an array of sections will be displayed under which you can customize your channel. They are:
    1. Stream Keys and Preferences
    2. Permissions
    3. Profile Picture, Banner, Settings and Accent Colour (four sections)
    4. Video Player Banner
    5. Recently Streamed Categories
    6. Social Links
    7. Stream Schedule
    8. My Streamer Shelf
    9. Auto Hosting
    10. Raids, Drops, and Followers (three sections)

With the above list, Twitch shows you the extent to which you can make adjustments. You will now look at some of the areas in some of the sections:

  1. Stream Key and Preferences:
    1. Disconnect Protection: Toggling this on will help you back up the stream in the event it gets disconnected.
    2. Store past broadcasts: This option saves your broadcast for up to 14 days. For Partners, Turbo, and Prime users, the figure is 60.
    3. Mature Content: Toggle this one if the content to be streamed may be inappropriate for some viewers.
    4. Enable Clips: Users who stream your content can create clips if you enable this.
  2. Permissions: This section enables you to set restrictions on who can stream on your channel.
  3. Profile Picture, Banner, Settings, and Accent Colour: These sections enable you to change your looks (by uploading profile images). Here you can also change your username, display name, and bio. Accent Colour is the one that highlights your brand around Twitch and in the elements of your channel.
  4. Video Player Banner: Here, you can upload a picture that always displays when your channel is offline.
  5. Social Links: You can add the URLs of your social media platforms so that your viewers get a chance to interact with you more.
  6. Auto Hosting: Under this section, you can host channels while you are offline, host team channels, include team channels in your host list, and host pre-recorded videos. You can also include pre-recorded videos. Set the priority of what channels to be hosted and how it is also done under this section.

Do it to your liking

On the "Customize your Channel" page, you can make many adjustments and take full control of your channel. Customizations change as your channel continues to attract followers.

A customized channel will always stand out from the rest, especially when adjustments have been made to it in terms of how it looks (the visuals).

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