How to customize the Livestorm webinar’s registration form

Have you been thinking of conducting a Livestorm webinar lately and would like to know how you can customize the registration page of your webinar? If yes, then you are reading the right article. This article will tell you everything you need to know about customizing the webinar registration page. The Livestorm platform offers the feature of not just getting the details of your webinar participants but also the ability to customize what details you want to get related to the participants of your webinar. You can add several kinds of fields in the webinar registration form for the participants to fill out and/or you can add some custom terms in the registration form too.

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When you log in to your Livestorm account, you need to go to the registration settings to be able to customize the webinar registration form. When you are in the webinar registration settings, follow these steps to customize the fields present in the registration form.

  1. In the registration settings, under the registration fields, you should see the ‘+ add a field’ option. Click on this option to add a new field to the webinar registration form. There are some predefined fields like avatar, job title, etc. available for you to choose to put in the webinar registration form. You can which of these field(s) you want to add to the webinar registration form by check-marking those fields.
  2. However, if you want to add a custom field in the webinar registration form, then you can do that also. For that, you need to click on the ‘create new field’ option from the drop-down list that opens when you click on the ‘+ add a field’ option.
  3. As you click on the ‘create new field’ option, you will see a form open up. In this form, you need to fill in the details about the field that you want to create. Some of these details include the type of your custom field, the custom label to display, custom options, etc.
  4. In the type of your custom field, you can choose between 2 options: multiple choices or a text answer.
  5. You can also order the fields in the webinar registration form as per your requirements. To customize the order of the fields in the webinar registration form, you just need to click and hold on a particular field that you want to reorder. Then, keeping it clicked, you need to drag it to the place where you want to keep. It’s that simple.
  6. Apart from this, you can choose to make certain fields as required to be filled by the registrants in the webinar registration form. For doing this, you just need to check-mark the particular field under the ‘required’ heading. You should know that the fields of name and email are marked as required by default.

Work emails

In case you want to make your participants register for your webinar using their work emails only, then there is an option to that as well. Scroll down to the heading ‘advanced settings’. There you will see the option ‘only allow registration for people with a work email address’. Check-mark this option and you are done.

Custom terms

To make your webinar participants agree to certain terms and conditions, Livestorm will add the fields of providing consent to agree to the Livestorm terms and privacy policy. If you want you can add some consent(s) of your own in the webinar registration form. Under the heading ‘consent’, click on the option ‘+ add a consent’. Next, fill the details of the content of the consent and confirm. This consent will then be added to the webinar registration form.

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