How To Customize The Galaxy S4 Swipe Or Lock Screen

Samsung comes up with fresh and advanced features every time they launch a new smartphone. Improved swipe screen is one of them. The best thing is that you can customize this screen to take the phone to a great level. Samsung Galaxy S4 screen can be customized just by following some easy steps. To change the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen, you have to bring back the phone to the normal mode from hibernation mode (complete black screen) by pressing the power button. This screen will show the time, date and other details. Read here to customize the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.

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Ways to change the Samsung galaxy S4 colors and text on the swipe/lock screen

  • This is a few step process where you are first required to bring the swipe screen or lock screen by pressing the power button.
  • Next, press a finger on the Samsung galaxy s4’s upper half screen where the date, time and other texts are being displayed.
  • Now drag the fingers and it will show a pencil looking icon at the right side.
  • Press on it and you are good to go. It will let you change the Samsung Galaxy S4 colors and text. Furthermore, different font types will be available there, and you can pick up the font type you want to be shown on the lock screen. That’s it.
Samsung Galaxy S4 screen

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  • Once the required changes are made, press the save button. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 colors that you have set on the lock screen will be shown.


Ways to add favorite apps on the Samsung galaxy S4 swipe/lock screen

Just changing the text and colors is not enough. There might be several apps that you use very frequently, so it would be better to get them on the swipe screen. To set this, follow the below steps:

  • First, bring the lock screen or swipe screen by pressing the power button.
  • Next, press the fingers on the upper half screen where the date, time and texts are displayed.
  • Swipe the screen to the left and it will bring a list of the most used apps.
Samsung Galaxy S4 screen

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  • Press on the pencil icon to set the favorite apps on the lock screen. Press the ‘-’ sign next to any app shortcut that you do not want on the lock screen. And press on the ‘add app’ to get the list of the favorite apps. Now, select the one that you want to add on the lock or swipe screen.

Apart from adding the favorite apps on the lock screen, the users can also add the favorite widgets on the swipe screen. The process is explained here.


Ways to add favorite widgets on the Samsung galaxy S4 swipe/lock screen:

  • Press the power button to get the lock screen from the hibernation mode.
  • Just as the above steps, press the fingers on the upper half of the screen and then swipe it to the right.
  • A hit on the ‘+’ symbol will bring a list of the widgets.
  • What you need to do is just choose the one that is to be added on the lock screen and follow the given instruction for that.

So, the process of customizing the Samsung S4 colors, adding the apps, widgets, etc. on the lock screen are explained. Moreover, seven different lock screens are attainable for Samsung Galaxy S4 that you can set by going to the Settings > My Device > Lock screen > Active lock screen option. The different lock screen options are:

  • Swipe lock screen under which multiple widgets and lock screen widget are available to set.
  • Face unlock
  • Face and voice
  • Pin
  • Password
  • Pattern

However, the Face unlock and Face & voice is not that much secure because anyone can unlock your phone by showing your photos and playing the recorded voice of yours. So, the best option to go for is the Password, Pin and Pattern.

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